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Cattlemen show surprise interest in expansion

Cattlemen show surprise interest in expansion

Southeast Farm Press

Although beef supplies will be very short for several more years, the USDA’s Cattle report indicates that the very early stages of beef cattle expansion have begun as beef heifer retention has increased a modest 1 percent, said Chris Hurt, a Purdue University Extension economist.


Black Ink—The Dynamic Duo

Black Ink—The Dynamic Duo

Miranda Reiman

True or false: To get past a fork in the road, you have to choose between turning left or right. Okay, that’s true. Some things really are—as the song goes—“black or white, one way or another.”


Round bale silage a viable option when the baling window closes

Round bale silage a viable option when the baling window closes

Doug Toburen


When it comes to putting up hay, producers must deal with something they have absolutely no control over—weather.


Rebuilding the Herd With Better Traits

Rebuilding the Herd With Better Traits

Del Deterling


A drought is never a good time for a cattle producer. But sometimes it can turn into an opportunity.

That’s what happened at Nebraska’s Maddux Cattle Company, where general manager John Maddux saw an extended period of dry weather as an opportunity to improve their cow herd and fine-tune management.


Top 7 Marketing Tools

Top 7 Marketing Tools

Laura Nelson

CAB Industry Information Specialist

Being an Angus breeder gives you a direct connection to the Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®brand that you own and consumers love, but only you can use that advantage to boost your business.


Live Tweet Up at Cattle Industry Conference

Live Tweet Up at Cattle Industry Conference

Oklahoma Farm Report

Step aside, computers. An in-person TWEET UP is planned for all those attending the 2012 Cattle Industry Annual Convention, held Feb. 1st thru the 4th in Nashville, Tenn.


Cattle Handling: Enhancing health and quality

Cattle Handling: Enhancing health and quality


Proper handling of cattle is an aspect of beef production that needs to be a concern for anyone involved in any of the stages of management. Not only is proper handling key to efficiency and safety, it impacts animal health and can have major influences on the quality of the final beef product.


Beef an essential part of a daily heart-health diet

Beef an essential part of a daily heart-health diet

Tri State Livestock News

Amanda Radke

There’s good news for beef lovers everywhere. A new study called “Beef in an Optimal Lean Diet” (BOLD) – published in December’s American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, shows that diets including lean beef every day are as effective in lowering total and LDL “bad” cholesterol as the gold standard of heart-healthy diets.


New antitrust regulations for meat industry to be unveiled this spring

New antitrust regulations for meat industry to be unveiled this spring

National Provisioner

Federal regulators are set to release the most sweeping antitrust rules covering the meat industry in decades, potentially altering the balance of power between meat companies and the farmers who raise their animals.


Antibiotic Use Restricted by U.S. in Livestock and Poultry

Antibiotic Use Restricted by U.S. in Livestock and Poultry

Molly Peterson and Stephanie Armour

Bloomberg News

An order issued today by the Food and Drug Administration bars most unapproved veterinary uses of the medicines in cattle, swine, chicken and turkeys, the agency said in a statement. The rule will take effect April 5.