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Lassen County California is bigger than Rhode Island, but what isn’t?

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Invest in Forages This Year

Invest in Forages This Year

Becky Mills


Like most cattle producers, Traci Talley has to cut corners at times. But don’t ask her to shortchange her fescue, orchardgrass and clover pastures.

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Predator drones patrol U.S. skies for stray cows

Predator drones patrol U.S. skies for stray cows

Davi Barker


. . . So, now the same MQ-9 “hunter/killer” drones used for CIA assassinations in Yemen and Pakistan are being used to track down stray cattle in North Dakota… no joke.

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Cutting out red meat for good could come back to bite you

Cutting out red meat for good could come back to bite you

Livingston Daily

Those cutting red meat completely out of their diets might be missing out on several key nutrients, says a local licensed dietitian.

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A tip of the head can indicate a calving injury

A tip of the head can indicate a calving injury

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

If a newborn calf seemingly has trouble lifting its head and nursing, an injury, rather than weakness or an uncooperative dam, may be to blame.

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Animal Welfare Approved Announces “Future Of Farming Good Husbandry” Grants Program

Animal Welfare Approved Announces "Future Of Farming Good Husbandry" Grants Program


Animal Welfare Approved is pleased to announce the 2011-2012 Good Husbandry Grants which help promote innovative, forward thinking farming techniques. Thirty-six grants have been awarded to farms across the nation to improve animal welfare and allow pasture-based farmers to increase productivity for their operations.

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Five Steps to Better Heifer Reproduction

Five Steps to Better Heifer Reproduction

Beef Today

Producers who think their heifer reproduction programs are on track may want to look again. Conception rate and percentage of heifers pregnant within three services are metrics commonly used to track performance of heifer reproduction.

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The unofficial ink on brucellosis

The unofficial ink on brucellosis

Kenny Barrett Jr., DVM, MS

Tri State Livestock News

Bangs vaccination is another term for official calfhood vaccination against brucellosis in cattle and bison. In fact, vaccinated cows are considered official vaccinates.

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Midwest Beef Husbandry Conference Planned

Midwest Beef Husbandry Conference Planned

Wisconsin Ag Connection

The care and well-being of dairy and beef cattle will be the focus of the upcoming Midwest Dairy & Beef Husbandry Conference this winter in Madison. The event takes place March 1 at the Alliant Energy Center.

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Beef quality audit again underway

Beef quality audit again underway

The Chadron Record

Cattle producers are being asked to provide their input to the 2011-2012 National Beef Quality Audit by taking a short survey at http://www.cattlesurvey.com. The survey can be completed in approximately 10 minutes.

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