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Video Feature: International Livestock Show 1953, Chicago

Documentary style film about the Chicago International Livestock Show in 1953. Features Sue White, who won Grand Champion Steer, and 10 year-old Bruce Brown who won Reserve Champion barrow.

Byproduct feeds for gestating cows

Byproduct feeds for gestating cows

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

With calving season rapidly approaching for spring-calving cows, nutrition becomes critical. Research has shown that a cow’s body condition at calving is a good indicator of her ability to cycle and breed back in a timely manner.

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Angus Breed Has a Natural Ambassador

Angus Breed Has a Natural Ambassador


Brooke Harward is spending her year as Miss American Angus telling the story of the beef cattle industry from her viewpoint. Harward was raised on her family’s cattle farm in Richfield, North Carolina.

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Vanishing beef

Vanishing beef


Now Public

Where’s the beef? It disappeared.

The last (confirmed) number for total cattle in the U.S. (beef, dairy, calves, etc.) was 94,521,000 for 2009, which was way down from past years’ numbers of over 100 million head.

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Slim pickings at an East Texas cattle auction point to a grim future

Slim pickings at an East Texas cattle auction point to a grim future

Katharine Shilcutt

Houston Press

At a cattle auction under brilliant blue skies in Longview, the ring of wooden seats surrounding the auction floor is nearly empty. The weekly auction takes place here every Thursday starting at noon, although precious few buyers or sellers show up anymore.

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IPB looks to June Tama opening

IPB looks to June Tama opening

John Speer

Tama News-Herald

"We are going to do something special in Tama," Roy Wiggs told more than 50 noon diners at the Toledo Healthy Lifestyles site at the Community Building on Wednesday, Jan. 11. The plan is to provide custom cuts to order for other customers. He estimated 90 percent of Iowa Premium Beef sales will be made in the United States.

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Stock Shows and the Beef Industry

Stock Shows and the Beef Industry


There are some in the beef industry that are solidly against the show ring. They believe that it has had the tendency to corrupt the point of the point of the whole industry which is to produce a quality beef product for consumers.

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Tool Helps Producers with Nutrient Management from Distillers-Based Diets

Tool Helps Producers with Nutrient Management from Distillers-Based Diets

Cheryl Anderson


A nutrient management tool designed at the University of Nebraska will help livestock consultants and producers with crop nutrient management plans, as well as help with the unique requirements of manure resulting from distillers grains-based diets.

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Full-Fat Distillers Grains Are Best

Full-Fat Distillers Grains Are Best

Scott Laudert, PhD


Feedlot performance is reduced when low-fat wet distillers grains plus solubles (WDGS) are fed, say University of Nebraska beef researchers.

WDGS is produced by combining the distillers grains and distillers solubles fractions of ethanol production. These components can vary from plant to plant, changing the fat content of the final product.

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American Angus Association® Releases Updated EPDs

American Angus Association® Releases Updated EPDs

The American Angus Association’s spring 2012 Sire Evaluation Report and updated National Cattle Evaluation (NCE) expected progeny differences (EPDs) are now available online at http://www.angus.org. While NCE EPDs are now generated on a weekly basis, a biannual report is still printed.

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