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Genomics for the Rancher

Genomics for the Rancher

Troy Smith

Angus Productions Inc.

On Day 2 of Range Beef Cow Symposium XXII, Colorado State University Extension beef specialist Jack Whittier offered a rancher’s “primer” on genomics — the study of genes and their function — and explained how application of the science is providing modern tools for genetic improvement through seedstock selection.

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Quarantine To Ward off the Spread of Warts

Quarantine To Ward off the Spread of Warts

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Cattle face warts is a treatable, but contagious condition. It underscores why new animals on the farm should be quarantined.

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Beef Cattle Operation Management Tips

Beef Cattle Operation Management Tips

Derrell Peel

Oklahoma Farm Report

Dr. Peel tells us that if you have beef animals to sell- they will likely sell for a relatively high price- so if you have had to cull your beef cow herd because of the 2012 drought and will have fewer calves to sell in the next year or so- you may want to consider running a few stockers as you gradually rebuild your mama cow numbers, assuming you have forage to support them.

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Nighttime is right time to feed expectant cows

Nighttime is right time to feed expectant cows


Land & Livestock Post

It is generally accepted that adequate supervision at calving has a significant positive effect on reducing calf mortality, which has been of in-creasing importance with the use of larger beef breeds and cattle with larger birth weights.

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App Released For Cattle Industry Convention And NCBA Tradeshow

App Released For Cattle Industry Convention And NCBA Tradeshow

Agri Marketing

For the first time ever, the Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Tradeshow is releasing a smartphone app for its 2012 show to be held Feb. 1-4 in Nashville, TN. Available for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry, the Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Tradeshow App (CIC&NCBA) will give its users access to everything the largest cattle convention has to offer – before, during and after the show.

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2012 BQA part 1

2012 BQA part 1

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

As we begin yet another new year, it’s time to once again review what we should all be doing to create the safest BEEF possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re a "Grass-based, 100% Grass-fed, Grain-Finished or Feed-lot producer."  This is the first installment of 5 focusing on BQA

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Preventing navel & joint ill in calves

Preventing navel & joint ill in calves

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

The warm weather continues. I saw several farmers out disking corn stalks last week. We have had a few lambing calls (obstetrics and prolapses). Once lambing begins, calving isn’t far behind.

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Short feeding and carcass quality

Short feeding and carcass quality

John Maday


High grain prices and cost of gain in the feedyard have driven recent interest in managing cattle to heavier weights on forage, followed by shorter finishing periods on grain-based rations.

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Instructions for Use of Fly Ash to Stabilize Soil in Livestock Facilities

Instructions for Use of Fly Ash to Stabilize Soil in Livestock Facilities

North Dakota State University

Livestock production in the northern states is plagued by muddy, wet conditions during spring thaw and summer rainfall events. Animals in muddy feed yards have been observed to exhibit up to 30% reduction in growth rate and feed efficiency compared to animals in dry pens.

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Obama not acing every class, I guess

Obama not acing every class, I guess

Andy Vance 

Feedstuffs Foodlink

In its annual evaluation of the Administration, the leading animal rights lobbying organization handed President Barack Obama the lowest mark of his tenure, a grade of C- on "animal welfare issues."

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