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Baxter Black: The Old Trailer

Life on an Arizona ranch requires all kinds of equipment, some new, some not so new. Baxter Black tells us about an old trailer that has served him well.

Assisting the bonding process between cow and calf

Assisting the bonding process between cow and calf

Heather Smith Thomas

Tri State Livestock News

After a cow gives birth, she starts sniffing and licking her newborn calf. In this bonding process, she learns to recognize her calf, and commits to caring for it and protecting it. Her actions are a complex blend of hormonal-induced and learned behavior.

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Colostrum & Alternatives

Colostrum & Alternatives

Heather Smith Thomas

Hereford World

Colostrum is crucial for the newborn calf to help it fight off the diseases it will soon encounter. According to Geof Smith, DVM, PhD, North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine, calves with failure of passive transfer — calves that don’t get adequate levels of antibodies or don’t receive colostrum — are most at risk for illness. They also shed pathogens into the environment at a much greater rate than calves that did receive adequate colostrum.

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Cattlemen could make more money with heavyweight calves or stockers

Cattlemen could make more money with heavyweight calves or stockers

Robert Burns

Southwest Farm Press

"Rain or shine, wet or dry, do you want to make more money from your cows next year?" asks a Texas AgriLife Research forage scientist. 

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BeefTalk: Like Begets Like

BeefTalk: Like Begets Like

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The bull-buying season is upon us and all cow-calf producers need bulls. The Dickinson Research Extension Center also buys bulls annually. It is a fun process. However, anyone who has ever set out to buy a bull realizes the mission is not always accomplished.

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Troxel’s Cow pieology – The study of cow pie

Troxel’s Cow pieology – The study of cow pie

Improbable Research

Cow pieology is the study of cow pies, but it’s certainly not a science. It’s an art that beef cattle producers have practiced for many years.

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Snow viable alternative to water

Snow viable alternative to water

The Western Producer

Low snowfall across much of the Prairies this winter may make it a moot point, but using snow as a sole water source for livestock is a viable option.

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Ranchers question when is the best time to sell cattle

Ranchers question when is the best time to sell cattle

Donna McCollum


Here in East Texas, cattlemen include your full time rancher to part time ranchers.

No matter the size of the herd, raisers are faced with the same dilemma: when is the best time to sell the calves.

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Technology tools for purchasing cattle

Technology tools for purchasing cattle

Heather Hamilton

Tri State Livestock News

Purchasing bulls in today’s world is vastly different than it was a few decades ago, or is it? As the average age of producers continues to increase, some gladly incorporate every tool made available when purchasing livestock, while others improve their herds with tried-and-true selection methods used for generations.

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Nighttime feeding of heifers and cows may inhibit nighttime calving

Nighttime feeding of heifers and cows may inhibit nighttime calving

The Cattle Business Weekly

The easiest and most practical method of inhibiting nighttime calving at present is by feeding the expectant mothers at night; the physiological mechanism is unknown, but some hormonal effect may be involved.

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