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Proper Nutrition Requires Research and Planning

Proper Nutrition Requires Research and Planning

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

Hope everyone had a great and enjoyable New Year’s celebration. Now that the holidays are past us we can focus again on what 2012 will bring. This article is the fifth and final installment of a series discussing supplementation options, considerations and strategies.

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Dietary Changes Can Improve Reproduction

Dietary Changes Can Improve Reproduction

Bovine Veterinarian

While research has long proven the relationship between the ration and reproduction, new findings from the University of Florida are reporting specific feeding practices that can improve embryonic survival.

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Are Your Beef Cows Short on Vitamin A?

Are Your Beef Cows Short on Vitamin A?

Oklahoma Farm Report

The after-effects of the historic drought of this past year could lead to beef calving issues in the weeks ahead. A Kansas State University veterinarian is concerned that too many spring-calving cows and heifers may be short on vitamin A, and that a management response may be imperative.

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Goodnight remembered as ‘first citizen’ of panhandle

Goodnight remembered as ‘first citizen’ of panhandle

Hays Free Press


In his nine decades, Charles Goodnight fought Indians, blazed cattle trails to Colorado and Kansas, created the vast JA Ranch, saved Panhandle buffalo from extinction and helped to tame the wild western reaches of the Lone Star State. To many he truly was the cowboys’ cowboy.

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Nat’l Cattlemens Beef Assn Names New Sr. VP Marketing & Research

Nat’l Cattlemens Beef Assn Names New Sr. VP Marketing & Research


Mike Miller has been appointed senior vice president of Global Marketing and Research at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). Most recently Miller was chief operating officer of Cattle Fax.

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Early Heifer Development Key to Healthy Reproductive Life

Early Heifer Development Key to Healthy Reproductive Life

Dan Larson

Beef Today

The dollars associated with developing the heifer are one of the largest costs she will accrue in her lifetime. Many of us learned at some point that a heifer should reach 65% of her mature weight by the first breeding season.

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Lice control and heifer development

Lice control and heifer development

Ivan Rush

Tri State Livestock News

It has been a wonderful winter in much of the High Plains area so far, allowing producers the option to continue winter grazing. This saves harvested feed, particularly large quantities of hay, which has increased in value considerably.

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