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Warming cold calves and assisting calves that don’t breathe at birth

Warming cold calves and assisting calves that don’t breathe at birth

Heather Smith Thomas

Tri State Livestock News

A calf born during a snowstorm or cold weather may become severely chilled. Any calf with a body temperature below 100 degrees F. needs warming. There are several ways to safely warm calves.

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Getting Ready for Calving Season

Getting Ready for Calving Season

Troy Smith

Hereford World

Generally, cow folk look forward to calving season. Most enjoy the sense of renewal that comes with the arrival of a new calf crop. They’re anxious for a first look at the results of time and money invested in genetic selection.

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Millennium Cowboy

There was a lame three-year-old out in the heifer field, and I saddled the buckskin mare to get her in.  You could see that a front foot was swollen, and I wanted to look for the source of the swelling.

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NCBA Show Attracts Topnotch Entertainment

NCBA Show Attracts Topnotch Entertainment


The 2012 Cattle Industry Convention and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Trade Show 1 – 4 February, 2012, in Nashville, has more in store for participants than one may expect.

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Antibiotics rule jars ranchers

Antibiotics rule jars ranchers

The Westerner

Livestock industry representatives say new federal restrictions on uses of cephalosporin antibiotics won’t have a large impact on operations, but they fear additional restrictions on antibiotic use in the future.

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Increasing profits on the ranch

Increasing profits on the ranch

Randy Saner

North Platte Bulletin

Dave Pratt has transferred a passion for teaching and innovative research after 15 years at California Extension Service to ranch consulting, and has taught more than 150 Ranching for Profit courses across the states and Canada.

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Grazing of cattle pastures can improve soil quality

Grazing of cattle pastures can improve soil quality

Bandera County Courier

A team of US Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists has given growers in the Piedmont guidance on how to restore degraded soils and make the land productive.

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Vaccinations or probiotics?

Vaccinations or probiotics?

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

When using or planning to use vaccines for your animals, it is important to first know what you’re vaccinating for. Storing vaccines is of upmost importance also. All vaccines must be kept cool, not frozen.

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Considerations when buying cattle as an absentee bidder

Considerations when buying cattle as an absentee bidder

Tri State Livestock News

Most of the time, ranchers can take a day off to attend a bull sale and find that next great herd prospect. However, sometimes the weather becomes severe, calving starts or other emergencies occur that make it impossible to attend the sale.

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Ohio Beef Cattle School

Ohio Beef Cattle School

Lancaster Eagle Gazette

Live downlinks of each of the 4 Ohio Beef Cattle School classes will be hosted in several Extension offices throughout Ohio, including Fairfield County.

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