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Managing Shrink and Weighing Conditions in Beef Cattle

Managing Shrink and Weighing Conditions in Beef Cattle

Kent Barnes, Steve Smith and David Lalman, Oklahoma State University

In the livestock business producers spend most of their time managing cattle to make them weigh as much as possible by market time. However, when cattle are gathered, transported, processed, or held without access to feed or water, they loose weight.

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Creep Feeding Calves

Creep Feeding Calves

Darrell Rankins, Jr.

Auburn University

Creep feeding is the practice of offering nursing calves the opportunity to consume feeds other than those being offered to their dams. The decision to creep feed beef calves prior to weaning should be based on a number of factors.

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Crossbred Cows 101

Crossbred Cows 101


Heterosis, hybrid vigor, free lunch— whatever it is called, the advantages of crossbreeding in the cow herd can be significant for the operation. Unfortunately, many commercial cow-calf herds are not taking optimal advantage of crossbreeding systems.

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BeefTalk: Let’s Buy a Bull

BeefTalk: Let’s Buy a Bull

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Bull sales are well under way. For those getting ready to buy bulls for the upcoming breeding season, the data available to make buying decisions has not changed a lot.

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Animal welfare in livestock markets

Animal welfare in livestock markets

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian

There are over a thousand livestock auction and sale barns in the U.S. where cattle are marketed. Unfortunately, some of them have been featured on the nightly news with poor animal welfare and handling issues.

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When is your calving season?

When is your calving season?

Norman Edwards


The fall and wintertime period is the time of the year that a lot of new calves are born on local cattle farms. The best time “economically” for calving season varies from farm to farm based on other management practices.

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U.S., Canada, Mexico Get Extra Two Months to Appeal WTO Ruling on Labeling

U.S., Canada, Mexico Get Extra Two Months to Appeal WTO Ruling on Labeling

Jennifer M. Freedman


The World Trade Organization gave the U.S., Canada and Mexico an extra two months to decide whether to appeal a November ruling that found American country-of-origin labeling provisions unfairly hurt agricultural commerce.

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