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Baxter Black, DVM:  Taking the Other Side

Baxter Black, DVM:  Taking the Other Side

Like many of you, I receive all kinds of news stories, jokes, blogs, etc.  Last week three items came my way that stimulated a predictable knee-jerk response.

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Cattle Market’s Top Ten List for 2012

Cattle Market’s Top Ten List for 2012

Darrell R. Mark, Ph.D.

The Cattle Business Weekly

At the beginning of each year, I try to identify the top ten cattle market trends or market influences that will dominate the upcoming year.  The following are my best guesses for 2012, not necessarily in order of importance, but nonetheless in ‘countdown’ style.  Best wishes for a prosperous New Year!

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Management Style Stresses a Gentle Disposition

Management Style Stresses a Gentle Disposition

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Take a walk with Lowell Minert through his native Nebraska pastures, and the Black Angus cows and bulls meandering around show only the mildest curiosity. That gentle disposition has become a Minert bull trademark. It’s a trait he says is more than genetics, it’s management.

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Get Ready Now to Help Mother Nature- as Needed- With a Colostrum Replacer or Supplement

Get Ready Now to Help Mother Nature- as Needed- With a Colostrum Replacer or Supplement

Oklahoma Farm Report

Although February and March are still a few weeks away, looking ahead to the spring calving season requires that producers be prepared for those situations where mother-nature needs a little boost- so says Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Emeritus Extension Animal Scientist.

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Passion for British Whites turns into family affair

Passion for British Whites turns into family affair


Morrison County Record

As a child, Christina Traeger of Avon, dreamt of running a dairy farm, but in 1996 when she purchased her first cow, she knew that beef farming was her true calling.

“I knew I wanted white cows,” said Traeger, who found her passion in breeding British White cows.

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NWSS livestock shows allow producers to showcase genetics

NWSS livestock shows allow producers to showcase genetics

Robyn Scherer

The Fence Post

Across the country, thousands of producers from 4-H students to ranchers, are preparing for the National Western Stock Show. These people are not preparing to simply attend the stock show, however. They are going to compete.

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DDGS Production Could Reach 42 Million Tons

DDGS Production Could Reach 42 Million Tons

Cheryl Anderson


Production of dried distillers grains in the U.S. for the current marketing year is predicted to be slightly lower than the past year, according to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center at Iowa State University.

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FDA Prohibits Extralabel Use of Cephalosporins

FDA Prohibits Extralabel Use of Cephalosporins

Jim Dickrell

Beef Today

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) earlier today issued an order that prohibits the extra-label use of cephalosporin drugs in livestock, including dairy cattle, at unapproved dose levels, frequencies or routes of administration.

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Tips for Spring-Calving Herds

Tips for Spring-Calving Herds

Bovine Veterinarian

Tom Troxel, PhD, University of Arkansas, offers these management tips for spring-calving beef herds:

Tips for spring calving herds:

    Prepare for upcoming calving season:

        Check Calving Supplies

            Make sure OB chains, calf puller, lubricant (do not use soap), and disinfectants are handy.

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Industry Wary of Dioxin Guidelines

Industry Wary of Dioxin Guidelines


Wall Street Journal

Farmers and the food industry are asking the Obama administration to ease coming federal guidance that will advise consumers to minimize their intake of dioxins, chemicals that may be harmful at certain levels.

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