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McDonald’s Beef Supplier, Steve Foglesong: “Raising Cattle and a Family”

Three generations of Foglesongs work together every day to raise the kind of high quality beef that make some of the most iconic hamburgers in the world.

Our commitment to quality food starts at the source. Meet more of the hard-working people behind your McDonald’s favorites.

Minerals for a Thousand

Minerals for a Thousand

Boyd Kidwell

Progressive Farmer

With 1,000 cows to manage, Keith Strickland spends a lot of time raising forages and providing health care for the herd. But this cattle manager of Warren Farms, in Newton Grove, N.C., also makes sure the herd’s mineral program gets priority.

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Carbon emissions to bring us heart-healthy beef

Carbon emissions to bring us heart-healthy beef

Colonel Mason


“Algae containing omega-3 fatty acids as a cattle feed supplement provides heart healthy fats in beef, similar to salmon,” says Don Van Pelt Smith, founder and CEO of OmegaBeef in Oklahoma City, OK.

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John Wesley Iliff:  Ohioan struck gold by buying up land, selling livestock

John Wesley Iliff:  Ohioan struck gold by buying up land, selling livestock

Tom Noel

Rocky Mountain News

The king of Colorado cattlemen does not fit the cowboy stereotype. He did not fight American Indians, but befriended them and even looked the other way when starving Indians feasted on one of his many cows.

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What can 2011 tell us about the 2012 cattle market?

What can 2011 tell us about the 2012 cattle market?

Dillon Feuz

Tri State Livestock News

In 2011, record high beef, fed cattle, feeder cattle and calf prices were realized. All of those records may be broken again in 2012.

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Sandhill Ranchers Beef trying to close gap to consumer

Sandhill Ranchers Beef trying to close gap to consumer


Lincoln Journal Star |

Rick VanderWey’s grandmother was a Nebraska homesteader.

Her grandson is trying to combine fencing, feeding and other largely unchanged rigors of ranching life with cutting-edge marketing of a new product called Sandhill Ranchers Beef.

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Freeze Branding Cattle

Freeze Branding Cattle

Dave Lalman, Frank Bates and Ken Apple Oklahoma State University

Freeze branding, also known as CryoBranding was developed at Washington State University by Dr. R. Keith Farrell in 1966. This method of branding with extremely cold irons is characterized by white hair replacing the natural hair coat in the branded area of cattle.

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