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Management of Cows with Limited Forage Availability

Management of Cows with Limited Forage Availability

Chris Richards, Dave Lalman, Glenn Selk, Beef Cattle Specialists, University of Oklahoma

Many producers are faced with limited forage availability due to drought and/or fire. One of the first management tools that should be evaluated for cow/calf producers is to cull poorer producing cows.

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Improving Plant Digestibility

Improving Plant Digestibility

A recent breakthrough at The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation holds the potential to produce plants that are more digestible for animals and better suited for biofuel production.

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Nervous Coccidiosis in Calves

Nervous Coccidiosis in Calves

Larry D. Hauptmeier, DVM, Extension Veterinarian, Iowa State University

A variety of clinical neurological syndromes exists in stocker and feeder cattle. Causes may be infectious, nutritional/metabolic, or toxins. A less common syndrome is referred to as "nervous" coccidiosis, named so because of the observation that many of the calves that experience this neurological syndrome concurrently exhibit clinical enteric coccidiosis.

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UT AgResearch expands 2012 field day schedule

UT AgResearch expands 2012 field day schedule

Delta Farm Press

The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture will host 20 field days and special events at UT AgResearch and Education Centers across the state in 2012. That’s up five from the 2011 tally.

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BeefTalk: The Uphill Battle of Expanding the Cow Business

BeefTalk: The Uphill Battle of Expanding the Cow Business

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Should we think about data or just ponder? That is the question. With the holiday season quickly slowing us down, now is a good time to ponder and maybe let the data rest for a bit.

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Nebraska cattleman will be next NCBA president

Nebraska cattleman will be next NCBA president

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Network

A cattle feeder and farmer from Pilger, Nebraska is set to become the next president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA).

J.D. Alexander will move into the top leadership post of NCBA during the 2012 Cattle Industry Convention in Nashville in early February.

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Adding More Value Is Packers’ Only Recourse

Adding More Value Is Packers’ Only Recourse

Steve Kay


Grand plans and meatpacking are like oil and water. They don’t mix successfully.

Remember Future Beef Operations (FBO) completed in 2001, its plant in Arkansas City, KS, included the most technologically advanced beef processing systems in the world.

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Winter Preparations Reduce Headaches for Beef Producers

Winter Preparations Reduce Headaches for Beef Producers

Andy Eubank

Hoosier AG Today

With La Niña’s arrival, the forecast is for another winter colder and wetter than normal, something a Purdue Extension beef specialist says livestock producers need to prepare for.

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Bedded beef barn first of its kind in south-central Nebraska

Bedded beef barn first of its kind in south-central Nebraska

The Cattle Business Weekly

Getting started in the cattle business is difficult. But young people are doing it, often because they are willing to think outside the box. A case in point is Zach Herz, a twenty-something entrepreneur from Lawrence, Nebraska.

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Will strong meat exports last?

Will strong meat exports last?

Chris Lehner


Did you ever have a friend that you could count on being there with you and for you at all times and you were inseparable? Then suddenly a change came about and you were by yourself. Inseparable one day and separated the next.

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