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End of Ethanol Tax Credits Affects Corn, Feed and Biofuel Markets

End of Ethanol Tax Credits Affects Corn, Feed and Biofuel Markets


The US ethanol tax credit which is worth roughly $6 billion is due to end at the turn of the year, writes TheCattleSite Editor in Chief Chris Harris.

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Dairy Steers Need Special Care

Dairy Steers Need Special Care

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Colostrum, sanitation and good nutrition are the foundation of a good program to raise dairy steers. After that, be sure you’re using the right vaccines to keep them healthy.

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Beef Replacement Heifer Management

Beef Replacement Heifer Management

Dan Goehl, DVM

Beef Today

Replacement heifers represent the future of the cow-calf operation. These females are the genetics behind the next generation of farm offspring. Efficient development is critical as raising a replacement heifer represents a significant asset that does not generate a return until the first calf is sold.

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Self-fed cattle supplements

Self-fed cattle supplements

Ken Olson

Tri State Livestock News

Winter supplementation of beef cattle is an important economic and production decision that producers make each year.

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Balance Beef Herd Females With Expected Forage Supplies

Balance Beef Herd Females With Expected Forage Supplies

Oklahoma Farm Report

Balance Beef Herd Females With Expected Forage Supplies As we wrap up 2011- several lessons in managing our beef cattle operations have been force fed to cattle producers- and one of the most important of those lessons is to make sure you keep the proper balance between the amount of forage you have available and the number of animals you keep in your operation- irregardless of whether you run a seedstock operation, commercial cow calf operation or even a stocker operation.

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Western cattle drives really began ‘out East’

Western cattle drives really began ‘out East’

Leon Metz

ElPaso Times

Western movies rarely reach the theaters, and I’ve often wondered how well Western books are selling. I remember back when cowboys and cattle drives were movie and book staples, although that era now seems to be drifting away.

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Japan halts imports from JBS Nebraska plant

Japan halts imports from JBS Nebraska plant

National Provisioner

Japan halted beef imports from a JBS Swift plant in Grand Island, Neb., after finding material prohibited under rules to control the risk of mad cow disease, the government said on Wednesday.

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Cattleman’s dedication to unique breed pays off

Cattleman’s dedication to unique breed pays off

Alvin Benn

Montgomery Advertiser

It’s a long way from Alabama to Montana, but Harrell Watts Jr. doesn’t mind the trip because he knows he’ll be surrounded by friends who share his passion — raising a unique breed of cattle.

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From the range to the Olympics

From the range to the Olympics

Charlotte Burrous

Fremont County Events Examiner

The saga began for Grant Adkisson when his mother’s father walked from Virginia to Missouri, where he started working in the cattle business. In 1888, his grandfather homesteaded property above Canon City, where his family raised beef for the goldminers in Cripple Creek.

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Research Shows the Good, Bad of Feeding Cattle DDGs

Research Shows the Good, Bad of Feeding Cattle DDGs

Dr. Rosie Nold, South Dakota State University


The presence of ethanol plants across the state has brought a ready source of high energy, high protein feed, in the form of distillers grains.

Distillers grains are often a cost-effective addition to feedlot diets, but rumors sometimes say feeding distillers may create problems with beef quality.

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