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What Does Facebook Have to do with My Succession Plan?

What Does Facebook Have to do with My Succession Plan?

Kevin Alerding, Partner, Ice Miller LLP

Hoosier AG Today

John Taggart was a good farmer, and he was a planner.  With the help of his team of advisors he developed a well-conceived plan to pass ownership and control of his farming operation to his youngest son, Tim.

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Water, Wildlife and Cattle

Water, Wildlife and Cattle

Dan Miller

Progressive Farmer

Deseret Cattle & Citrus runs the largest cow herd in the nation—44,000 cows and 1,400 bulls producing 33,000 calves a year weaned at an average 510 pounds. Owned by a related entity of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it is a 60-year-old commercial operation in central Florida ranging over 295,000 acres. Deseret is known well for its production of high-quality calves.

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Buyers Should Prepare for Properly Selecting and Buying Bulls

Buyers Should Prepare for Properly Selecting and Buying Bulls

Oklahoma Farm Report

Throughout the upcoming months many operations will begin holding annual production bull sales. K-State cow-calf specialist Bob Weaber offers advice to buyers on how to properly select potential herd sires.

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Beef cattle recordkeeping explained

Beef cattle recordkeeping explained

Gene Schmitz, University of Missouri Extension Livestock Specialist

Sedalia News-Journal

Many beef cattle producers do not like recordkeeping. While almost everyone has some type of financial recordkeeping system for tax purposes, many cattle producers do not keep records on animal production within their herds.

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Corn Crop Heading for Record to Feed 1 Billion Cows: Commodities

Corn Crop Heading for Record to Feed 1 Billion Cows: Commodities

Tony C. Dreibus, Jeff Wilson and Rudy Ruitenberg


Farmers will reap a record corn crop for a sixth consecutive season in 2012, slowing a slump in stockpiles of livestock feed as global meat demand approaches a quarter of a billion metric tons.

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Feeding Carrots And Sugar Beets To Cattle

Feeding Carrots And Sugar Beets To Cattle

Steven Rust and Dan Buskirk, Michigan State University

Root crops such as carrots and sugar beets can be fed to beef cattle. The nutrient contents are shown in Table 1. Root crops can have ash contents greater than listed in the table due to soil contamination. Long term storage may be a problem with root crops.

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NCBA Announces Its 21st Annual Environmental Stewardship

NCBA Announces Its 21st Annual Environmental Stewardship


Cattlemen from across the nation are annually recognized for outstanding environmental stewardship practices and conservation achievements through the Environmental Stewardship Award program.

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Bill Donald: Compromise key to moving forward in cattle industry

Bill Donald: Compromise key to moving forward in cattle industry

Amanda Radke

Tri State Livestock News

The national political climate was a hot topic of discussion at the 63rd Annual South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association (SDCA) Convention and Trade Show on Dec. 8 in Pierre, SD. Aids from the state’s Congressional delegation joined National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) President Bill Donald in a panel discussion to share insights about the current political landscape in Washington, DC.

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Electrical Safety in the Barn

Electrical Safety in the Barn

Gilda V. Bryant

The Cattleman

Electricity came to most farms and ranches in the U.S. after World War II, thanks to rural electric cooperatives. However, taking this modern marvel for granted, and ignoring safety precautions, often results in fires.

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South Dakota Buffalo Farmers Relish Bison Meat Boom

South Dakota Buffalo Farmers Relish Bison Meat Boom

Charles Michael Ray

GPB News

2011 wasn’t a banner year for the stock market, and anyone heavily invested in the Euro zone might be biting their nails right now. But, if your business is buffalo you may be looking at some very happy holidays.

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