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Don’t overlook condition scoring

Don’t overlook condition scoring

Rick Rasby

Angus Journal

It has been a while since we have covered condition-scoring cows in this column. Body condition of spring-calving cows at the time of calving has an effect on your herd. For spring-calving cows, body condition score (BCS) at calving affects the calf at calving time and cow performance during the breeding season.

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Explaining antibiotic use

Explaining antibiotic use

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

With all of the scientific meetings I go to where industry issues are discussed often at very high levels with a lot of jargon, it’s always refreshing to read Anne Burkholder’s Feedyard Foodie blog where she boils down complicated issues into simple explanations. Burkholder owns Will Feed, Inc., a feedyard in Cozad, Neb. 

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BeefTalk: Culling Rate Is Not Just for Cows

BeefTalk: Culling Rate Is Not Just for Cows

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

There are two very noticeable expenses in the beef business. The most obvious is feed and the one most often forgotten is animal replacement.

Replacing cows, even if the cost is not added up, just happens, and the same is true for bulls. However, the bill is huge.

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CSU project helps livestock producers improve air quality

CSU project helps livestock producers improve air quality


A nationwide project led by Colorado State University researchers aims to help livestock producers reduce airborne emissions that could degrade environmental health.

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Proper mineral management key to keeping cattle healthy

Proper mineral management key to keeping cattle healthy

Ag Answers

Beef producers shouldn’t overlook proper mineral intake as part of an overall feeding plan, according to a Purdue Extension specialist.

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Prepare now for coming calving season

Prepare now for coming calving season


Land and Livestock Post

Calves are the cattleman’s cash crop, so care should be taken to ensure calving seasons are successful.

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The Beef Industry in 2012 and Beyond

The Beef Industry in 2012 and Beyond

Steve Swigert

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

The future of the beef industry is filled with both opportunities and challenges due to the 2011 drought in the Southern Plains, high price of grains, volatility in the commodity markets and fewer dollars available for research and education.

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A&M students learn about cattle welfare

A&M students learn about cattle welfare

Blair Fanin

Cattle welfare from conception to harvest was of top interest recently to several hundred Texas A&M University students who learned more about proper handling of livestock from the farm to the packer.

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Fewer cattle headed to feedlots?

Fewer cattle headed to feedlots?


The U.S. Department of Agriculture is expected to report a drop in the number of cattle sent to U.S. feedlots in November compared with a year ago, the latest evidence of a yearlong drought in the southern plains that will eventually lead to tighter beef supplies.

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The History of Tolland’s “Oreo-Cookie” Cows

The History of Tolland’s "Oreo-Cookie" Cows

Jayme Kunze

Tolland Patch

It’s easy to see that Tolland may face changes in the next decade, between development at the Tolland Village Area and discussions about a technology corridor in conjunction with the University of Connecticut.

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