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Avoiding Mineral Toxicity in Cattle

Avoiding Mineral Toxicity in Cattle

Grant Crawford

University of Minnesota

Minerals are a key component in maintaining health and productivity of cattle. This area of cattle nutrition, however, is often overlooked when determining nutrient needs. Because mineral deficiencies are more likely to occur than toxicities rations are often formulated to easily exceed minimum animal requirements.

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U.S. beef packer losses reach record levels

U.S. beef packer losses reach record levels

Theopolis Waters


U.S. beef packers are making record losses as the price they pay for cattle is outstripping what they earn on beef, private data showed on Friday.

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It Is Important to Develop Customer Relations

It Is Important to Develop Customer Relations

Clifford Mitchell

Cattle Today

Running errands or going to town, today, is more of an adventure than an enjoyable experience. Big retail stores often make customers feel like they are lost on a remote island.

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Replacements That Calve at Two Add Profits

Replacements That Calve at Two Add Profits

Boyd Kidwell

DTN/Progressive Farmer

Heifers are at the heart of Alan Graybeal’s cow-calf operation. And breeding replacement heifers to calve as 2-year-olds is key to the commercial cattleman’s profits.

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Does Vitamin A Impact Quality Grade?

Does Vitamin A Impact Quality Grade?

Dr. Jeannine Grobbel, Dr. Dan Buskirk,

Michigan State University

There is a resurgence of interest in defining vitamin A requirements for growing and finishing cattle. The reason – there is growing evidence that vitamin A (retinoids) can inhibit fat synthesis. In addition, the National Research Council (NRC) recommended level of vitamin A in cattle diets is based on sparse information published more than 35 years ago, long before modern techniques to assess vitamin A status were developed.

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Tax Time: Cattlemen have tax options

Tax Time: Cattlemen have tax options

Mindy Riffle

Country World

With tax time just around the corner, many cattlemen are curious how that "additional income" from liquidating herds will affect them.

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MN Cattle TB restrictions over

MN Cattle TB restrictions over

Don Davis and Regan Carstensen

The Republican Eagle

Minnesota cattle producers faced six emotional and financially challenging years, but now they celebrate a re-opening of markets nationwide after the state has been declared free of bovine tuberculosis.

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Improve Gain Potential for Suckling Calves

Improve Gain Potential for Suckling Calves

Beef Today

Before calving season starts, you should have a plan ready to maximize weight gains for suckling calves and increase dollars on sale day, says Gary Sides, Pfizer Animal Health cattle nutritionist.

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Getting to know coccidiosis

Getting to know coccidiosis

Kenny Barrett Jr., DVM, MS

Tri State Livestock News

Coccidiosis in food-producing animals is the result of enteric parasitism by protozoa from the Eimeria and Isospora genera. Each host species is susceptible to specific organisms and infection occurs early in life, from one month to one year of age.

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Winter Cold Stress On Cattle

Winter Cold Stress On Cattle

Steve Boyles & Jeff McCutcheon

Prime Cuts

Factors that create stress during the winter months are cold, wind, snow, rain and mud. The primary effect on animals is due to temperature. All these factors alter the maintenance energy requirement of livestock.

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