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Baxter Black, DVM:  VETERANS DAY

Last November 11, I was in Red Deer, Alberta during Remembrance Day.  It coincided with Veterans Day in the U.S., Remembrance Day in Australia and also in England. 

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Neb. ag group receives $100,000 to fight HSUS

Neb. ag group receives $100,000 to fight HSUS

Jon Bruning  

Bovine Veterinarian

Attorney General Jon Bruning has presented $100,000 to We Support Agriculture, a coalition that supports Nebraska agriculture producers through coordinated communication, education and advocacy.

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Agriculture takes on factory environmentalism

Agriculture takes on factory environmentalism

Elton Robinson

Delta Farm Press

The Waterkeeper Alliance felt so strongly about the imagined ills of factory farming that in 2009, staffers from a member organization went up in an airplane and flew around until they found somebody to sue the heck out of (for what they assumed was a violation of the Clean Water Act).

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Watch for Weeds Hitchhiking in Hay

Watch for Weeds Hitchhiking in Hay

Kay Ledbetter

Beef Today

Extreme weather conditions could sprout weed problems this spring

This spring, you may have a few surprises waiting in pastures, especially if you’ve had to bring in outside feed and hay to feed the herd this winter.

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Pre-range symposium offers insight for producers

Pre-range symposium offers insight for producers

Robyn Scherer

In today’s market, knowledge is incredibly valuable. Hundreds of producers traveled to Mitchell, Neb., this year for the biennial Range Beef Cow Symposium. However, those that arrived early were treated to extra sessions and a great meal.

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IN animal board of health will move its office

IN animal board of health will move its office

The Indiana State Board of Animal Health will move its central office to the Indiana State Fairgrounds this week.

The state board will occupy the first floor of the former girls 4-H dormitory, now known as Discovery Hall, BOAH spokeswoman Denise Derrer said.

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How Cow Weight and Milk Output Effect Feed Costs

How Cow Weight and Milk Output Effect Feed Costs

University of Nebraska

Because feed costs are between 40% to 60% of annual cow costs, what are the forage feed costs differences between herds that have cows different mature weights but the same milk output?

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Winter Cow Management

Winter Cow Management

by Beka Gill and Dr. Ryon Walker

University of Minnesota Beef Team

The winter season is upon beef cattle producers in the upper Midwest. Winter feeding management is critical as winter feed costs are the single largest expense in a cow/calf operation.

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Are Things Getting Better or Worse?

Are Things Getting Better or Worse?

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

As we rush headlong toward the end of 2011, I would like to ask the inconvenient question: ” Are things getting better or worse?” This is a question on which very few people agree. A downturn in unemployment and big crowds on Black Friday have Wall Street believing things are getting better. A European debt crisis that refuses to go away has others convinced things are getting worse.

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Corn prices keep beef costs high as herds are cut

Corn prices keep beef costs high as herds are cut

Dan Piller

Des Moines Register

The era of cheap hamburger is over.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Friday that, while prices for corn and soybeans will stay below their summer levels, consumers are likely to face tight supplies and high prices for red meat at the supermarket next year.

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