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Choice/Select Beef Spread Widens

Choice/Select Beef Spread Widens

Laura Nelson

Beef Today

A wider price gap between Select grade boxed beef and Choice or better—the Choice/Select spread—always comes back to supply and demand. Consumers vote with their dollars, and recent shifts in merchandising put much more high-quality beef on the ballot, just as those supplies began to fall off.

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Confession of a Cattle Market Piker

Confession of a Cattle Market Piker

John Harrington


What can I say? Hail Mary. Our Father. Mea Culpa. Sorry about that.

I know. Try taking those sad bits of penance to the bank.

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Latest Myth-crusher target: Ag effect on greenhouse gases

Latest Myth-crusher target: Ag effect on greenhouse gases

National Provisioner

The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) and the American Meat Institute (AMI) have just launched the fourth installment of seven new myth-crushing videos which aims to set the record straight about myths associated with the environmental impact of meat production.

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Reigning in EPA dust regulation threat

Reigning in EPA dust regulation threat

Rebekah Rast

Get Liberty

Some jobs are dustier than others.

Rural American jobs like tilling fields, herding cattle, driving along dirt roads or extracting important resources from the land are critical American jobs that sometimes kick up a little more dust than others. But as far as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is concerned, the dust is too much.

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All Minnesota Cattle Officially TB-Free

All Minnesota Cattle Officially TB-Free

CBS Minnesota

State officials said Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) has been eradicated in Minnesota.

It has been six years since the first TBinfected beef cattle herd was detected in July 2005 in northwestern Minnesota.

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25th Annual Hoosier Beef Congress in the History Books

25th Annual Hoosier Beef Congress in the History Books

Andy Eubank

Hoosier AG TOday

It is a credit to them and all who have worked along the way to make this show what it is today. Witnessing the outstanding caliber of young people that exhibited livestock makes one hopeful for the future of our nation. They all did an outstanding job!

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This Year’s Drought Forced Record Cattle Decline Not Seen in Texas Since the 1930s

This Year’s Drought Forced Record Cattle Decline Not Seen in Texas Since the 1930s

Brantley Hargrove

Dallas Observer

Texas cattle country lost some 600,000 head this year — a 12-percent reduction in the herd — driven by a drought that withered grasses and baked river beds and stock ponds.

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2011 Fewer cows and calves will lead to strong cattle market in 2012

2011 Fewer cows and calves will lead to strong cattle market in 2012

Southwest Farm Press

A classic case of supply and demand is predicted for the cattle market in 2012, according to a Texas AgriLife Extension Service economist. Declining cow numbers due to drought will lead to fewer calves, causing tighter supplies across the U.S., said Dr. David Anderson, AgriLife Extension livestock economist.

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Colorado ranch works hard to obtain organic certification

Colorado ranch works hard to obtain organic certification


Vail Daily

Scott Jones has found his dream job — even if it often means before-dawn to after-dark workdays.

Jones is the manager at the Colorado River Ranch, a bit more than 10 miles north of Dotsero. Several years ago, the people who ran Cordillera envisioned homes and a golf course on the property.

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Massive Olivia cattle feedlot nears completion

Massive Olivia cattle feedlot nears completion


Minneapolis Star Tribune

Just as brothers Tom and Dave Revier had everything lined up and ready to go, world financial markets erupted in turmoil with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers.

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