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Cowboys and Sodbusters at Odds Again

Cowboys and Sodbusters at Odds Again

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

The term “sodbuster” came about during the American Civil War with the introduction of the Homestead Act in 1862. This law allowed U.S. citizens to file an application to live on and own up to 160 acres of unused federal land outside the original colonies.

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Is It Time To Bail On Age & Source Verification?

Is It Time To Bail On Age & Source Verification?

Troy Marshall


While Japan is indeed flirting with changing its age requirement to 30 months from the current 20 months, there are other good reasons to continue to age and source verify of cattle.

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Internal parasite control methods

Internal parasite control methods

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

Thanksgiving has given cattle producers many reasons to be thankful. Feeder calf and fat cattle prices are at high levels and now corn prices are sliding. Now is an ideal time to administer internal parasite control to gain added performance benefits.

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Sen. Debbie Stabenow should support family farmers

Sen. Debbie Stabenow should support family farmers

Jane Wiedenbeck and Tom Cary

The Muskegon Chronicle

It is now nearly impossible for local Michigan farmers to compete with the large agricultural companies that drive down market prices. Small and mid-sized farms that were once considered the backbone of American agriculture will be relegated to a marginal part of our community’s food production until measures are taken to ensure a fairer marketplace for all players in the food system.

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The Grass-Fed Revolution

The Grass-Fed Revolution

Margot Roosevelt


Until he saw the light, Jon Taggart–6 ft. 5 in., jeans, white cowboy hat, Texas twang–was a rancher like any other in the southern Great Plains. He crowded his cattle onto pasture sprayed with weed killers and fertilizers. When they were half grown, he shipped them in diesel-fueled trucks to huge feedlots.

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Ranchers Focus on Cattle’s Environmental Impact

Ranchers Focus on Cattle’s Environmental Impact


Kansas cattle ranchers wrapped up their two-day convention in Wichita by bringing in an animal scientist to talk about the environmental effect of livestock production.

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Calf sale in Oklahoma City to raise funds for troops

Calf sale in Oklahoma City to raise funds for troops

The Oklahoman

The National Livestock Credit Corporation is conducting the sale, with proceeds going to the All American Beef Battalion, an Ashland, Kan., nonprofit that since 2008 has been using funds raised from such sales to purchase steak dinners for servicemen and servicewomen — and their families.

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Low Stress Cattle Handling

Low Stress Cattle Handling

Chad Gulley

Tyler Paper

Safe and effective cattle handling has always been important. In the last few years there has been a move toward what has been called low-stress cattle handling or what some call Effective Stockmanship.

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Good time to buy cattle feed

Good time to buy cattle feed

Dave Burton

Springfield News-Leader

Shopping for cattle feed may not be as newsworthy as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but a little shopping can result in a feed cost reduction and more dollars in a cattle producer’s hand next spring.

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Checkoff program is well-done for beef producers

Checkoff program is well-done for beef producers

Jerry Lackey

San Angelo Times

For the seventh year, the Texas Beef Council’s mobile marketing unit, the Ultimate Backyard, camped at Fair Park in Dallas for the State Fair of Texas during October and generated more than 325,000 consumer impressions throughout 24 days of beef trivia, sampling and recipe distribution.

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