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Coccidiosis in Cattle

Coccidiosis in Cattle

John G. Kirkpatrick, DVM, Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Glenn Selk, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, Oklahoma State University

Economics: Coccidiosis in cattle is one of the five most economically important diseases of the cattle industry. It is estimated to cost the industry $100 million or more annually.

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Wyoming expands brucellosis testing and research

Wyoming expands brucellosis testing and research

The Cattle Business Weekly

When two heifers on a ranch near Meeteetse, Wyo. tested positive for exposure to brucellosis this fall, technicians from the University of Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory quickly tested more than 320 other cattle in the area.

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Using wheat pasture for pregnant heifers

Using wheat pasture for pregnant heifers

Glenn Selk


The recent rain showers give some Oklahoma producers hope that wheat pasture may be available in late November or early December. Wheat pasture (if adequate rainfall produces growth) can be used as a supplement for pregnant replacement heifers. Using wheat pasture judiciously makes sense for pregnant heifers for two reasons.

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You Can Get More Dollars per Bull

You Can Get More Dollars per Bull

Ginette Kurtz

Angus Journal

‘What can I do to sell my bulls for more money?” Isn’t that what every Angus seedstock producer asks himself at one time or another?

Commercial customers want quality in the animals they buy and the best bull for the money spent. Now, it seems most seedstock producers can meet those needs, but some commercial producers want a little more personal attention.

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Why Silage Density Is Important

Why Silage Density Is Important

Hay and Forage Grower

The higher a silage’s dry matter density, the more silage can be stored in a silo or pile, the less will be lost to spoilage and the more profit a producer should be able to realize.

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Beef Quality Assurance at the Tulsa Farm Show

Beef Quality Assurance at the Tulsa Farm Show

Southwest Farm Press

Beef producers are invited to learn ways to improve production practices that influence the safety, wholesomeness, and quality of the products they produce during the Oklahoma Beef Quality Assurance Program, December 9 at the Tulsa Farm Show.

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Oldest Heifer Calves Make The Best Replacements

Oldest Heifer Calves Make The Best Replacements

Scott Laudert, Ph.D.


Heifer calves born the first 21 days of calving will make the best replacements, according to University of Nebraska research.

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