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Safe Food, But At What Cost?

Safe Food, But At What Cost?

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

As we sat down to our Thanksgiving feast last week, most of us just assumed that the turkey, potatoes, vegetables, and fruit we stuffed ourselves with was safe.  It is unlikely that the prayers offered at the table included the line, “Lord protect us from salmonella this day.” Despite well-publicized food recalls and continuous media scare stories, most Americans have confidence in the safety of the food they buy even though the regulatory structure that oversees our food supply was written in 1936. 

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Ready for Winter?

Ready for Winter?

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

What do you do on your farm orranch to prepare for winter weather? Here’s a quick review of three important management questions to ask yourself as the snow begins to arrive.

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Sending healthy calves to the feedyard

Sending healthy calves to the feedyard

John Maday


Last week during a program and banquet celebrating the 40th anniversary of Decatur County Feed Yard in Oberlin, Kansas, consulting veterinarian Galen Weaver addressed a group of ranchers who retain ownership of their calves through the feedyard.

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Watering Cattle with the Sun

Watering Cattle with the Sun

Dan Miller

Progressive Farmer

Gerald Haines wants to improve the grazing offered to his 40-cow commercial Angus herd. He is building pasture quality while installing a conservation plan to protect the water around his farm and the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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Cattlemen lose out

Cattlemen lose out

Stephanie Page Ogburn

Salt Lake Tribune

When four companies control 80 percent of the supply in a marketplace, even the most conservative economists would admit there’s a high potential for market manipulation.

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Feed, fuel costs cut into cattle ranching

Feed, fuel costs cut into cattle ranching



Cattle may be netting record prices, but cattlemen aren’t seeing huge profits and retailers are feeling squeezed, industry experts say.

Cattlemen say skyrocketing feed and fuel costs are eating into profits, and retailers are apprehensive about passing all price increases on to consumers during a still struggling economy.

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The Farm CPA: The Three Seasons of Tax Planning

The Farm CPA: The Three Seasons of Tax Planning

Paul Neiffer

Beef Today

Effective tax planning is similar to pro football. They each have three seasons: preseason, regular season and postseason.

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Greenbrier Valley’s small farms think big

Greenbrier Valley’s small farms think big

Kathryn Gregory

West Virginia Gazette

When Jennifer "Tootie" Jones looks out over her 150-acre farm in Lewisburg, she doesn’t just see cattle and horses. She sees potential for growth.

"What people are open to [in the region] is looking how they can continue doing something that is their business — that they love — and how they can survive doing it.

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Modern-day cattle rustlers strike in Florida

Modern-day cattle rustlers strike in Florida

Peter Franceschina

LA Times

The thieves struck early on a Sunday morning, when it’s quiet in the agricultural areas— no joggers from nearby upscale developments; no feed trucks rumbling down the dusty roads.

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Indiana quarantines cattle herds possibly exposed to South Dakota bovine tuberculosis case

Indiana quarantines cattle herds possibly exposed to South Dakota bovine tuberculosis case

The Repbulic

The Indiana State Board of Animal Health says it has quarantined several cattle herds that might have been exposed to bovine tuberculosis.

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