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Evaluate Supplement Options for Cost Effectiveness

Evaluate Supplement Options for Cost Effectiveness

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Cattle Today

This is part 3 of a series dedicated to a discussion on supplementation options and methods. In the last part of this series we discussed use of some commodities.

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Acorns, Small but Potentially Deadly

Acorns, Small but Potentially Deadly

Kasey Miller

Angus Journal

The weather has not been kind to ranchers and farmers this year, from record-setting droughts to intense flooding and hurricanes. Because of these weather changes, forage availability has been severely affected. With pastures low on forage, cattle may start eating acorns, which can lead to acorn poisoning.

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“Occupy” an activist meeting

“Occupy” an activist meeting

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

I go to a number of veterinary and livestock-related meetings throughout the year and it’s not uncommon for anti-animal agriculture activists to show up either as a paid attendee (some who come to listen and even attempt to dialogue or quietly “gather intel”), or as a flagrant protestor in a cow suit. 

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Stop COOL Madness

Stop COOL Madness

John Harrington


It’s time to pull the plug on COOL, a misbegotten program that somehow confused the dubious force of patriotic consumerism with smart marketing. I don’t think it ever made sense, and the WTO is now giving U.S. producers the opportunity to bid it adieu.

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Multi-Species for Grazing Perfection

Multi-Species for Grazing Perfection

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

   Sheep and beef are both ruminants, both can be profitable on grass and neither need grain for productive weight gain.  Another similarity is that the same handling facilities can be used for both species.  The "second best thing" about lamb’s/sheep are that when they are out on pasture, they prefer to eat immature grasses, forbs and weeds.

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BeefTalk: Calving Distribution is a Key Evaluator of Reproductive Success

BeefTalk: Calving Distribution is a Key Evaluator of Reproductive Success

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Right now, cows are calving 88.8 percent of the time within the first 42 days of the calving season. That is good, so hats off to progressive cattle managers.

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Iowa farmers shop for cattle in drought-stricken Texas

Iowa farmers shop for cattle in drought-stricken Texas

The Gazette

The most severe drought Texas has experienced in a single year is presenting opportunities for farmers in parts of the country with more moisture, like Iowa.

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