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USDA says it will abandon portions of Congress’s antitrust rule for meat companies

USDA says it will abandon portions of Congress’s antitrust rule for meat companies

Lubbock Avalanche Journal


The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Tuesday it will abandon portions of a sweeping antitrust rule proposed for meat companies if Congress does not provide money for enforcement.


FDA Denies Pleas To Ban Antibiotic Use

FDA Denies Pleas To Ban Antibiotic Use


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has denied a pair of long-pending petitions from consumer and other groups to limit the use of several antibiotics in farm animals, saying a voluntary approach the agency proposed last year will lead to more ‘judicious use’ of the drugs in agriculture.


Symposium Explores Industry Game Changers

Symposium Explores Industry Game Changers

Patti Wilson,

Calf News

Plenty of enthusiasm rang through the halls of the Lexington, Ky., Convention Center in mid-May as Alltech Corporation presented its 27th Annual Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium entitled “The Game Changers.” An impressive crowd of about 2,400 people from 60 countries converged to hear about the latest technologies in animal agriculture.


What’s in a diagnostic test

What’s in a diagnostic test

Kenny Barrett Jr., DVM, MS

Tri State Livestock News

Veterinarians always seem eager to sample some sort of biological stuff. From stomach foam to fetal membranes, it seems we can’t wait to test any number of different things. We need tests.


I told my son he didn’t want me to read that book

I told my son he didn’t want me to read that book

K.E. Norcross

Gaston Gazette

My son had given me a book he’d read in his AP English class, “Eating Animals,” by Jonathan Safran Foer. “Here,” he said. “I think you’d like this book.”

For two weeks, I left it on our loveseat. “You haven’t read it yet?” he’d ask whenever he passed by the book beside me.

“You don’t want me to read this book,” I warned him more than once.


Cleaning cows from inside out

Cleaning cows from inside out

Eureka Alert

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists and their collaborators have conducted a series of studies that explore non-antibiotic methods to reduce foodborne pathogens that are found in the gut of food animals.


Higher cattle prices spur hustlers and rustlers

Higher cattle prices spur hustlers and rustlers

CBC News

"It’s almost the same situation as if you go to the bank and you borrow money against a car or truck, make a couple of token payments, then sell it to someone without paying the bank back," he says.