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Beef Checkoff: A Major Success Has a Bumpy History

Beef Checkoff: A Major Success Has a Bumpy History

Larry Stalcup

Calf News

Nothing in the cattle business seems to come easily. Drought – and then more of it, high feed prices, volatile cattle markets, animal rights activist lies and other pressures are more common than not. Initial passage of the $1 per head beef checkoff was no exception. And keeping it intact for nearly 25 years has certainly been a chore.


Alfalfa hay as a protein supplement

Alfalfa hay as a protein supplement

Ken Olson

Tri State Livestock News

Ample numbers of stories in the ag press lately have been dedicated to protein supplementation with low-quality forages or winter grazing. An overriding issue is that protein supplements are typically expensive and should be avoided if they are not needed.


USDA Working to Promote Pre-Harvest Meat Safety

USDA Working to Promote Pre-Harvest Meat Safety

Food Safety News

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service is trying to facilitate education and collaboration regarding pre-harvest food safety interventions


Man gets 9 years for bank fraud involving cattle

Man gets 9 years for bank fraud involving cattle



An Amarillo federal judge sentenced a Hereford cattle owner Thursday to nine years in prison and five years of supervised release for making false statements on loan applications.


3 reasons we use antibiotics in livestock

3 reasons we use antibiotics in livestock

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

Last week, at the Meat and Poultry Research Conference in Kansas City, Mo., experts spoke about antibiotic use in livestock production.


How Much Should We Complain Or Applaud?

How Much Should We Complain Or Applaud?

Troy Marshall


After reading yet another article questioning whether Wal-Mart is losing its way by introducing organic products, Choice beef and higher-end products, I have to wonder about our arrogance.


Critical Mass

Critical Mass

Steve Suther

Cattle Today

It takes so many plants to make a stand, cows to make a herd and drops to make a rain. Before turning that herd out to pasture, you look for enough plant mass to support their grazing.


All signs show USDA backing off GIPSA rules

All signs show USDA backing off GIPSA rules

The Cattle Business Weekly

The GIPSA rule has been a controversial topic in the agriculture industry for years, but the debate heated up in the summer of 2010 when it was proposed the rule be reviewed and changed.


Ag station’s auction will raise money for livestock research in Miss.

Ag station’s auction will raise money for livestock research in Miss.

The Republic

Beef cattle, horses, ponies and a miniature mule from the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station’s research herds will be auctioned on Thursday.


Why are cattle markets strong?

Why are cattle markets strong?

Chris Lehner


The other day I did one of my non-scientific surveys at a couple groceries.

While I checked out meat, I watched what others were buying. I noticed a few consumers take some time to compare different cuts but most shoppers go directly to an item without comparing.


USGC Begins Lower-Oil DDGS Education Efforts

USGC Begins Lower-Oil DDGS Education Efforts


US – As more US ethanol plants add oil extraction capacity either at the front end or back end of their processes, the supply of lower-oil distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) is increasing, and with it, the need to educate foreign DDGS users about its different characteristics.