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Effects of Preconditioning on Health, Performance and Prices of Weaned Calves

Effects of Preconditioning on Health, Performance and Prices of Weaned Calves

David Lalman, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, Robert Smith, Extension Veterinarian, Oklahoma State University

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, to precondition is to condition, train, or accustom in advance. There is no standardized definition for this term as it applies to beef calves prior to, during, and/or after the weaning and shipping period.

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Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

E.C. Carson

The Cattleman

At its core, an estate plan is a living document. Business owners, such as ranchers, develop an estate plan to provide a step-by-step outline of ongoing actions that secure and transition assets to the next generation. Unfortunately, estate plans are sometimes treated as "break-in-case-of-emergency" documents — developed with the best of intentions and then left unattended. Ultimately, the plan loses effectiveness. Implementation of a completed estate plan seems inevitable.

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Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act Passes Subcommittee

Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act Passes Subcommittee

Andy Eubank

Hoosier AG TOday

The Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act, H.R. 1633, was the subject of a hearing held Thursday by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Power, chaired by Representative Ed Whitfield of Kentucky.

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BeefTalk: The Pickup Rut

BeefTalk: The Pickup Rut

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Although there is no mating season for pickups, there is an obvious rut.

Rutting is that time of year when the male of the species prepares for the upcoming breeding season. Not all species have a rutting season, but the season is well-known in many populations of deer, as well as sheep and various wild ruminants.

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Mobile meat processing brings harvesting to the farm

Mobile meat processing brings harvesting to the farm

The Cattle Business Weekly

An idea capturing industry attention is mobile meat processing units (MMPU), to help fill the void of local butchers.

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Passion, hard work build legacy of family-owned Missouri beef business

Passion, hard work build legacy of family-owned Missouri beef business

The Missourian

If you are looking for someone who knows his beef well, look no further. The man with all the answers is Mark Mahnken, founder of Missouri Legacy Beef.

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Concern does not equal risk

Concern does not equal risk

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine 

The subject of antimicrobial resistance in food animals is a contentious one that involves both science and emotion.

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Is Herd Liquidation Inevitable?

Is Herd Liquidation Inevitable?

Job Springer

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Conditions throughout 2011 have been tough in the Southern Great Plains, especially in Texas and Oklahoma, home to about 23 percent of U.S. beef cows. With triple-digit temperatures and very little rain, the livestock industry is feeling the effects of drought.

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Tritrichomonas infections costly in a herd

Tritrichomonas infections costly in a herd


Land and Livestock Post

The protozoan T. foetus lives in the reproductive tract of bulls and cows. It is transmitted venereally from bulls to cows and from cows to bulls. An infected bull will transmit the infection to nearly every cow he breeds.

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Dirty Jobs In Texoma: Cattle Rancher

Dirty Jobs In Texoma: Cattle Rancher


We’ve all heard the saying, "it’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it".

Newschannel 6 is starting a series on those so called "dirty jobs".

We went to a Texoma ranch where it was a down and dirty day for the ranch hands.

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