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Keep bull requirements in mind

Keep bull requirements in mind

Bovine Veterinarian

More good bulls are wrecked between 8 and 15 months of age than any other point in their relatively short lives, says Dan Larson, PhD, Great Plains Livestock Consulting, Inc., Eagle, Neb. While underfeeding can be an issue, over-fat bulls are far more prevalent, Larson says.

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BeefTalk: Has Much Changed in the Last 15 Years?

BeefTalk: Has Much Changed in the Last 15 Years?

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Following recent field days, several thoughts about cow size surfaced, which triggered some discussion. In fact, as attendees and students were reviewing previous discussions on what are the best cow systems, they could not help but notice a change at the Dickinson Research Extension Center.

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Is organic beef really healthier than conventional?

Is organic beef really healthier than conventional?

Mary Bender

Berkley Health Technology

In the September 2011 issue of Parenting (early years), an article by Allan Greene MD, a pediatrician, called Substitute Teacher, discusses replacements for everyday foods, activities, and household items for school-age children.

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Stockers Should Pencil Out This Fall And Winter

Stockers Should Pencil Out This Fall And Winter

Larry Stalcup

BEEF Magazine

With the continued demand for feeder cattle, stockers should pencil out a little profit this fall and winter – even if your grass is still parched and wheat pasture is wishful thinking, say Extension livestock specialists.

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North Dakota cattle to Kazakhstan

North Dakota cattle to Kazakhstan

Sarah Gustin


Nearly 23-hundred head of cattle from the heartland now call Kazakhstan home.

And more are on their way.

Sarah Gustin takes you to Missouri River Feeders Feedlot north of Mandan where the third shipment of cattle to Kazakhstan is preparing for take-off…

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Ag Secretary Invites Public to 55th Keystone International Livestock Exposition

Ag Secretary Invites Public to 55th Keystone International Livestock Exposition


Agriculture Secretary George Greig has invited the public to visit the 55th Keystone International Livestock Exposition, or KILE, to be held Oct. 1-9 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg.

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Benefits of grass-fed beef

Benefits of grass-fed beef

Fort Worth Nutrition Examiner

For better health, nutritionists advise their clients to consume foods as close to their natural state as possible.  This suggestion pertains not only to vegetables and fruits but to lean protein sources as well.

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Register now to attend Oct. 14-15 Master Cattleman Summit

Register now to attend Oct. 14-15 Master Cattleman Summit

Southwest Farm Press

Cattle producers looking to get the most out of their herd management decisions should register now to attend the 2011 Master Cattleman Summit at Oklahoma State University’s Stillwater campus on Oct. 14-15.

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Watch Cattle Sales Online

Watch Cattle Sales Online

Sara Brown

Beef TOday

For a special "A Day in Agriculture" feature, watch cattle markets across the country online. Thanks to the Livestock Marketing Association, we’ve set up a guest login so you can watch cattle sales from your desktop. Just go to http://www.lmaauction.com and type in "agweb" for the login and password. Click on the "View sales" tab to choose your market to watch.

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Drought and flooding places increased pressure on hay prices everywhere

Drought and flooding places increased pressure on hay prices everywhere

Amanda Radke

Tri State Livestock News

According to USDA reports, the price of alfalfa surged 51 percent in the past year, reaching a record $186 per ton in May. Hay and grass make up about half of what cattle eat over their lifetimes.

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