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Baxter Black: The Car Wash

Baxter Black: The Car Wash

A good farm truck and a clean farm truck don’t often go hand in hand…just ask our sanitation expert Baxter Black.

From US Farm Report

Set Goals When Making Plans for the Cow Herd

Set Goals When Making Plans for the Cow Herd

Darrell Rankins, Ph.D.

Cattle Today

A majority of cattle producers do not have goals with regard to their cow herd. Most of the management decisions are made based on the current set of circumstances being faced. It is important to decide what fits your farm the best and stick with it.

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Going Without Animal ID Will Be Costly, Study Says

Going Without Animal ID Will Be Costly, Study Says

Dan Flynn

Food Safety News

If rural America kicks the lite version of animal identification (ID) to the curb just as it did the National Animal Identification System (NAIS),  an economic study says export markets for U.S. beef and pork will be much smaller.

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Jeanne Joy

American Cowboy

Working cattle effectively requires an understanding of bovine behavior. Fifty years ago, the men and women who worked with stock still lived on the land. They were for the most part themselves a simple people familiar with the nature and behavior of animals.

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Cows and Heifers Gold as Producers Look for Replacements

Cows and Heifers Gold as Producers Look for Replacements

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Bred females and heifers are going to be gold on the hoof this fall, especially across parts of the South.

Even with uncertain feed supplies and weather conditions, herd rebuilding is expected to keep bred female and heifer sales strong going into 2012

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It’s Fall Vaccination time!

It’s Fall Vaccination time!

Randy Kuhn

 Beef Today

Now’s a good time to run your cattle through the squeeze chute for their fall vaccinations. Vaccinations and fall treatments can be given to each heifer/cow after the veterinarian determines whether or not she’s pregnant.

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Ranchers advise ‘don’t reinvent the wheel’ when it comes to conservation

Ranchers advise ‘don’t reinvent the wheel’ when it comes to conservation

Maria Tussing

Tri State Livestock News

All the ranchers who have been successful at integrating conservation practices into their ranches say the same thing – don’t think you have to reinvent the wheel.

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Family farmers, ranchers want fair chance to compete

Family farmers, ranchers want fair chance to compete

Roger Johnson

Delta Farm Press

In June 2010, the U.S. government provided some simple clarifications to the law that governs the relationship between livestock producers and the meatpackers and processors who buy their animals.

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PSU’s Angus Breeding Cattle Sale Set

PSU’s Angus Breeding Cattle Sale Set

American Agriculturalist

Penn State’s College of Ag Sciences will celebrate 100 years of breeding Angus beef cattle with a production sale on Oct. 21. The regular production sale, held every three to four years, will be at the Beef-Sheep Complex on Orchard Road near the University Park campus.

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Liquidation of Beef Herd One of the Largest Ever

Liquidation of Beef Herd One of the Largest Ever

Fran Howard

Beef Today

The largest liquidation ever could be under way in the beef industry. USDA’s Livestock Slaughter report, released Sept. 23, shows the nation’s beef producers sent 22.8 million head to be commercially slaughtered during the January through August period, a 1% increase from the comparable period a year ago.

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