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BQA – Beef Quality Assurance…

BQA – Beef Quality Assurance…

Bill on Beef

What’s that all about? Did you know cattlemen have a system in place to make sure they are handling their cattle with care? Learn more on this week’s episode of Bill on Beef. You may even see a special guest!!

PSU College of Ag Sciences eliminates positions, refocuses for future

PSU College of Ag Sciences eliminates positions, refocuses for future

The Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences will eliminate about 130 positions — more than half through early retirements — as it refocuses its programs and reorganizes in the wake of state budget cuts of 19 percent for fiscal year 2011-12, which began July 1.

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From College to Careers

From College to Careers

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

It’s an exciting time to be in agriculture, with an abundance of career opportunities ahead. That’s the report Don Marshall, director of academic programs for South Dakota State University’s (SDSU’s) College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, shares for students pursuing ag-related majors.

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Test for nitrates before feeding radish and turnip tops to livestock

Test for nitrates before feeding radish and turnip tops to livestock

 High Plains Journal

Radish and turnip tops make good forage crops for grazing. However, they should be tested for nitrates before being fed to livestock, said DeAnn Presley, K-State Research and Extension soil management specialist.

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Acorn Poisoning in Beef Cattle

Acorn Poisoning in Beef Cattle


Informed Farmers

Acorns contain gallotannin. In the rumen, gallotannin is broken down to gallic acid and tannic acid. Tannic acid causes ulcerations in the mouth, the oesophagus, and the rest of the intestines. It also damages the kidneys, and it is kidney failure which causes most of the death associated with acorn poisoning.

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Indiana-based Eastern Livestock case too complex for easy answers

Indiana-based Eastern Livestock case too complex for easy answers


Cattle producers may be able to recoup 20 cents to 30 cents on the dollar – or possibly as much as 40 cents, under the best circumstances – in the Eastern Livestock Co. bankruptcy that’s swept through the industry, court-appointed trustee James Knauer said

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Vaccinating Cattle Is The First Step

Vaccinating Cattle Is The First Step


Demand for animal protein is rising sharply worldwide as global population expands by an additional 2 billion people in the next decade. Livestock producers will have to raise an additional 10 billion animals to feed them.

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Indiana euthanizes 15 cattle with bovine tuberculosis

Indiana euthanizes 15 cattle with bovine tuberculosis


The State Board of Animal Health said Friday it recently completed its bovine tuberculosis testing campaign for all livestock herds linked to a herd in Dearborn County where one cow was found during slaughter in December to have the disease.

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The new face of agriculture at Virginia Tech

The new face of agriculture at Virginia Tech

Tonia Moxley


The university’s Farms and Fields Project provides students with local and organic meats and vegetables in some of the 30,000 meals served each day on campus.

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Improving a feedlot’s bottom line

Improving a feedlot’s bottom line

High Plains Journal

Feedlot operators are continually faced with challenges when backgrounding and finishing cattle in the feedlot. Recently, the marketplace has demanded the beef cattle industry be more aware of quality and better meeting the desires of the consumer.

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