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Significant cow culling may continue this fall

Significant cow culling may continue this fall

Oklahoma State University

The U.S. Beef Industry has experienced historic levels of cow culling in 2011, and while slowed, a significant movement of cows from herds may not be done yet.

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The Death Of The Free Market Upon Us?

The Death Of The Free Market Upon Us?

Troy Marshall


Most every red-blooded American has been taught about the value of capitalism and the free-market system, as well as the historical failure of socialism and all of the evils that tail along with it.

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Montana cattle herd quarantined over disease

Montana cattle herd quarantined over disease

Idaho Press Tribune

Montana livestock officials said Tuesday that a Park County cattle herd has been quarantined after six of the animals tested positive for the disease brucellosis.

Additional testing on the animals was under way to confirm the disease, said state veterinarian Marty Zaluski.

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Bottle Fed Calves

Bottle Fed Calves

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

After calves have received colostrum, they need 8 to 10% of their body weight in milk or milk replacer every day.

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USDA Expands List of Banned E. Coli in Ground Beef Products

USDA Expands List of Banned E. Coli in Ground Beef Products

Beef Journal

The Department of Agriculture announced today that the department is taking new approaches to tackle the problem of E. coli and the dangers it poses to food in the country.

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Grazing management — where quantity is king

Grazing management — where quantity is king


To be a better grazing manager or “grazier” and get higher performance out of cattle it helps to understanding more about how they eat. With a better understanding of grazing mechanics and intake, it is possible to put animals in situations for better grazing performance success.

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UW gains state funding for brucellosis research

UW gains state funding for brucellosis research

Gayle Smith

Tri State Livestock News

Developing a vaccine for brucellosis is one of the most important tasks underway for University of Wyoming (UW) agriculture researchers, Frank Galey, Dean of the UW College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, told a group of Wyoming cattle producers during the 2011 Cattlemen’s Conference.

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USDA Releases Report on the Introduction and Spread of Bovine TB

USDA Releases Report on the Introduction and Spread of Bovine TB

Beef Today

Bovine TB was responsible for more losses among U.S. farm animals in the early 20th century than all other infectious diseases combined. USDA leads a cooperative eradication program to rid the country’s livestock of the disease.

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Reduce risk of trich in beef herds

Reduce risk of trich in beef herds

Bovine Veterinarian

Open cows and transmittable diseases are two phrases no cattleman wants to hear, but unfortunately, the spread of trichomoniasis can cause those problems.

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Kentucky Stocker Conference to be held in Fayette County

Kentucky Stocker Conference to be held in Fayette County

The Lane Report

Kentucky has more beef cattle than any other state east of the Mississippi River. More than 1.1 million head of cattle graze the fields of the Bluegrass State. With that in mind, the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture cooperates with several agencies to offer educational opportunities to the state’s cattle producers.

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