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Baxter Black, DVM:  Doggin’ Days at Ol’ Cheyenne

Baxter Black, DVM:  Doggin’ Days at Ol’ Cheyenne

Rodeo as a spectator sport has been growing in attendance.  Maybe it is because it is live-action, close to home, reasonably priced and rated PG. 

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Burton Eller Retires From NCBA

Burton Eller Retires From NCBA


Burton Eller was fighting for the rights of cattle producers when Ronald Reagan was president, but now he plans to finally ride off into the sunset and spend more time on the ranch.

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Bull Tips and Facts

Bull Tips and Facts

Heather Smith Thomas

Cattle Today

Unless you are breeding all your cows by AI artificial insemination you need a good bull, or several. The number of bulls needed for your herd will depend on the number of cows, length of breeding season, age of the bulls, and the pasture size and terrain.

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Measure Herd Through Improvement Program

Measure Herd Through Improvement Program


With feed and pasture costs at extreme highs with no relief in sight, it is as important as ever for beef cow/calf producers to make sure that their cow herd is as productive as possible.

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Hereford Breeder Babies Calves Through Weaning

Hereford Breeder Babies Calves Through Weaning

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

When weaning time rolls around at Debter Hereford Farm, the focus stays on one simple rule: "You do whatever makes it easier on the calves." That, says Perry Debter, is the key to any successful weaning program.

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Old ways and new both put meat on the table

Old ways and new both put meat on the table

Mark Duncan

Verde Independent

Gary and Roberta Halford have been raising cattle just about forever. Gary graduated from Prescott High School in 1965 and always knew he’d be in the cow and calf business.

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Koch building herd of Japanese cattle in Kansas

Koch building herd of Japanese cattle in Kansas

Wichita Eagle

EUREKA, Kan. – Nearly 40 reddish-brown cows and calves roaming a ranch in southeast Kansas are part of Koch Industries’ efforts to remake the domestic cattle industry by producing higher percentages of top-grade beef at little extra cost, according to an official of Koch Agriculture’s Matador Cattle Co.

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Black Ink:  The business of social media

Black Ink:  The business of social media

Steve Suther

The Fence Post

In Kindergarten, the report cards at my school simply listed S (satisfactory) or N (needs improvement). The only time I ever got an N was for talking too much.

So it’s no surprise that all these years later, I quickly jumped on board with such Internet social media as Facebook and Twitter.

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Watch Dewormer Dosage

Watch Dewormer Dosage

Beef Today

Operating costs continue to rise, making it more critical than ever for producers to ensure they are getting optimal results from their cattle dewormer. To get the best result, it pays to dose and store the product correctly since both factors can affect product efficacy.

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Prussic acid & nitrate problems could be substantial this fall on forage sorghum and millet

Prussic acid & nitrate problems could be substantial this fall on forage sorghum and millet

Tri State Livestock News

Any time growers plant any type of forage sorghum for hay and/or livestock grazing, prussic acid is a concern. However, in the minds of most growers, prussic acid toxicity is a concern early in the growing season when forage sorghum plants are less than 18-24 inches tall.

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