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It’s what’s for Dinner?

It’s what’s for Dinner?

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

Research at the USDA’s ARS Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center, Nebraska, has found that the incidence of the deadly E coli 0157:117 was significantly higher in cattle whose corn-based feed included 40% wet distillers grains (WDG). 

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Maximizing the grazing potential of corn stalk residue

Maximizing the grazing potential of corn stalk residue

Steve Paisley

Tri State Livestock News

Corn stalk residue is an economical forage resource that becomes increasingly important as fall hay prices in the west continue to rise. However, in order to adequately utilize corn residue, there are a few items to consider.

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Nutritional Suggestions for Developing Young Bulls

Nutritional Suggestions for Developing Young Bulls

Darrell L. Rankins, Jr., Auburn University

Many purebred bulls are marketed between 12 and 24 months of age. The purchasers of these bulls indicate that they do not want them overly fat yet purchase price trends indicate that if the bulls are not carrying a little extra flesh then they will not bring top dollar.

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Cattle Ranching 101

Cattle Ranching 101

Mark Duncan

Verde News

There’s cows on the range. And then there’s steaks and burgers in the supermarket. But how do they get from here to there and back again?

Cattle ranching 101, according to Andy Groseta, dictates that you finish the cattle where the feed grows.

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Garnering additional dollars on calves and culls

Garnering additional dollars on calves and culls

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

The price for weaned calves is high this year. The important benchmark to gauge prices is the price needed to maintain a cow-calf unit in your herd. If you are a low-cost producer in our area, you can probably produce a 400-pound calf for about $600 (gone are the days of maintaining a cow for $1 a day).

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Test Your Knowledge of Legal Drug Use in Beef Cattle

Test Your Knowledge of Legal Drug Use in Beef Cattle

Dr. Michelle Arnold


Question 1 (T or F): ______ As long as I buy “over the counter” (OTC) drugs such as penicillin, LA-200, or sulfa pills at the feed store or over the internet, I can legally give them at whatever dose and for however many days I choose to my cattle.

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Hydroponic forage systems help when conditions poor, land expensive

Hydroponic forage systems help when conditions poor, land expensive


The Prairie Star

Growing forage in a greenhouse might seem like an expensive way to feed dairy or beef cattle or other livestock, but in certain situations it could prove very beneficial.

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