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Common reasons for carcass drug residues

Common reasons for carcass drug residues

Michael Payne DVM, PhD 

Bovine Veterinarian

According to the current USDA data available in 2008, cull dairy cows accounted for just over 7% of all cattle slaughtered in the US, but were responsible for approximately 90% of carcasses in which drug residues were detected.

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“American Meat” Latest Film to Join Food Debate

"American Meat" Latest Film to Join Food Debate

Dan Flynn

Food Safety News

"American Meat" is the latest documentary film seeking to be part of the nation’s food debate.   Unlike some that have gone before — "Food Inc." and "Fast Food Nation" come to mind –"American Meat" appears to be less polemic.

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Extended Release Antibiotics

Extended Release Antibiotics

Dr. Ken McMillan

The Progressive Farmer

Extended release antibiotics can last up to 8 days, and are usually given in an area that will be discarded when cattle are processed, like their ear.

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Police called after man butchers cow in his driveway

Police called after man butchers cow in his driveway

Free Republic

Charges may ensue for an Ogden man who startled the neighbors by butchering a cow in his driveway over the weekend.

Police were called to the scene at 1:44 p.m. Sunday after the cow’s owner began harvesting the animal.

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Steve Cornett:  Climate Change We Can Believe In

Steve Cornett:  Climate Change We Can Believe In

Beef Today

Just as this damnable weather rivets our attention,  making us wonder if it’s cycle, aberration or vanguard of things to come, Al Gore weighs in that those who have doubts about climate change should be marginalized like racists.

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Calf breakevens & learning first-hand

Calf breakevens & learning first-hand

Ivan G. Rush

Tri State Livestock News

Producers in the area with spring calves are close to giving pre-weaning vaccinations, if they’ve not already done so, as weaning isn’t too far away. Conversely, producers with fall calving programs are just beginning calving.

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Iowa conference focuses on young farmers, livestock expansion

Iowa conference focuses on young farmers, livestock expansion

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Network

Opportunities and challenges involved with starting a livestock operation or expanding an existing farm will be the focus of the annual “Farming for the Future” conference sponsored by the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers.

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