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Will Beef Industry Transition Away From Corn?

Will Beef Industry Transition Away From Corn?

Troy Marshall

BEEF Magazine

The cattle industry is still learning to deal with the new reality of ethanol subsidies. As livestock producers, we can’t compete with the subsidized ethanol industry for corn, and globally the declining value of the dollar makes us even less competitive for the crop with other countries.

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Legume Bloat in Cattle

Legume Bloat in Cattle

Darrell L. Rankins, Jr.,

Auburn University

  A nutritional disorder that can occur during the spring of the year is bloat as a result of clover consumption.  Bloat is an accumulation of gas in the rumen and although it is not always fatal, it can be. 

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Study Describes Importance of Agriculture and Agbiosciences

Study Describes Importance of Agriculture and Agbiosciences

North Dakota State University

A study, “Power and Promise: Agbioscience in the North Central United States,” finds that agriculture and agricultural bioscience (agbioscience) are providing wide-ranging opportunities for economic growth and job creation in the U.S.

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BeefTalk: School Bells Are Ringing

BeefTalk: School Bells Are Ringing

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Fall, despite the ups and downs of weather and other difficult issues, always means a new school year. Summer vacation is over and life starts to migrate toward thoughts of learning and advancing in life.

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Red Angus Breeders to Assemble in North Carolina

Red Angus Breeders to Assemble in North Carolina

Cattle Today

Red Angus breeders will assemble on the east coast for the Red Angus National Convention Sept. 14 – 16. This year’s convention takes place at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center in Durham, N.C., with a post-convention tour set for Sept. 17.

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Media Training 101

Media Training 101

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

The phone rings and there’s a reporter on the line wanting to ask you some questions about your beef operation. What should you do?

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Improving Artificial Insemination Techniques

Improving Artificial Insemination Techniques

W. M. Graves and R.C. Smith, Department of Animal and Dairy Science

University of Georgia

Using incorrect A.I. techniques can lower the overall success rate of the A.I. breeding program. Most producers learned correct semen handling techniques and insemination procedures at one time; unfortunately, many have developed bad habits that have lowered their success rates.

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Managing Frost-Damaged Silage Corn

Managing Frost-Damaged Silage Corn

University of Delaware

The key to a profitable silage crop is optimizing your harvest strategy to reduce yield losses yet maintain forage quality. This challenge is greatest when an early frost or freeze damages silage corn.

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Quality is still the largest contributor toward earning a premium.

Quality is still the largest contributor toward earning a premium.

Steve Suther

The market signals keep flashing on the need for still more high-quality beef. Brian Bertelsen, vice president of field operations for U.S. Premium Beef LLC (USPB), provided analysis of data from cattle harvested on the USPB Base grid during its fiscal year (FY) 2010.

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Cattle On Stalks May Not Be Best Option This Year

Cattle On Stalks May Not Be Best Option This Year


A common practice for many producers is to graze cornstalks in the fall and feed hay in the winter and spring until it’s time to go out to grass again. But is this traditional method of feeding going to be the best option this year? A feature article in the September Nebraska Cattleman magazine addresses this topic.

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