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Cracked Hooves

Cracked Hooves

Dr. Ken McMillan

Progressive Farmer

Lame cattle may need to have their feet trimmed to remove material pinching into the sensitive parts of the hoof.

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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

Troy Smith

Angus Journal

Much has been said and written about grain-milling byproducts, particularly distillers’ grains, for use in cattle diets. For many cattle feeders, distillers’ grains have become a relied-upon feedstuff.

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NCBA; Obama Midwest Tour Misinformed Farmers

NCBA; Obama Midwest Tour Misinformed Farmers

The Beef Site

During US President Barak Obama’s bus tour through rural America, the president was confronted by farmers and ranchers worried about the excess of burdensome, costly and scientifically unfounded regulations.

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GIPSA proposal the wrong move

GIPSA proposal the wrong move

J.J. Goicoechea


While the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration’s proposed livestock and poultry marketing rule is intended to provide a fair market, should it be implemented, it will be anything but “fair” to progressive producers, consumers and the cattle themselves. The rule stands to threaten market incentives, the quality of American beef the industry is known for and the quality of life our animals are provided.

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Bankruptcy, Lawsuits Hinge on Defining Cattle-Selling Business

Bankruptcy, Lawsuits Hinge on Defining Cattle-Selling Business

Chris Clayton


Any money livestock producers or businesses might expect to get back from the Eastern Livestock Co. bankruptcy remains caught up in the courts defining what kind of business Eastern operated.

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Steve Cornett:  Drier than Dry

Steve Cornett:  Drier than Dry

Beef Today

It was dry in the Southwest last time we talked about it, and it hasn’t rained yet. So it is now drier than dry. The wind has let up some, so our fires aren’t as rapacious, but the temperatures continue to set new records for being too darned hot. "Too-darned" translating to a hundred and this, a hundred and that, day after day.

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Copper imbalances and the cowherd

Copper imbalances and the cowherd

Kenny Barrett Jr., DVM, MS

Tri State Livestock News

Recently it seems we have diagnosed a rash of trace mineral imbalances in our practice. We have had blind heifers, neurologic cattle, sheep with paralysis, and even animals die from polioencephalomalacia.

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Interactive farm fiction

Interactive farm fiction

Steve Suther

The Fence Post

The only difference between fiction and nonfiction is whether it really happened.

Take projected profit, for example. A happy ending this year may seem likely or all but impossible, depending on how the year has unfolded and what is yet to come.

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Production Record Keeping 101

Production Record Keeping 101

Larry Stalcup

The Cattleman

Production records, whether they’re kept in an IRM Red Book or via sophisticated cattle software, are likely just as important as financial records for beef producers eager to increase their efficiency.

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High corn prices changing livestock practices

High corn prices changing livestock practices

Emily Garnett


High corn prices are forcing Missouri livestock producers to change their feeding practices. In addition to looking for substitutes to replace the corn used in feed rations, some are trying to fatten cattle faster than ever on less feed.

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