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Baxter Black:  Raising hedgehogs demands vigilance

Baxter Black:  Raising hedgehogs demands vigilance


It came as a surprise to me that there is a brisk hedgehog business in the country.

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Can the Indiana State Fair Survive?

Can the Indiana State Fair Survive?

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

Saturday night, August 13, 2011, was a grand night for twenty-five, 4-H youth who stood in the spotlight of the Sale of Champions at the Indiana State Fair and watched their entries auctioned. Eight new records were set as, despite a dismal economy, the agricultural community came together to support these young people. Just a few hundred yards away another drama was taking place, one that made headlines around the world and has changed the Indiana State Fair forever.

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Cattle fitters are bovinely inspired

Cattle fitters are bovinely inspired

Los Angeles Times

These ‘show jocks’ have elevated grooming into an art that can make the difference between a high-dollar champion and a runner-up at the state or county fair.

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Where’s the Exceptional Beef?

Where’s the Exceptional Beef?

Chris Dean Hansen

Calf News

I know that in writing this, I may be blowing the topic way out of proportion. However, you must understand this subject is in my blood, and not just as cholesterol. You see, my grandfather on my mother’s side was a cattle rancher in Oklahoma.

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Drought Conditions Conducive to Nitrate Accumulation

Drought Conditions Conducive to Nitrate Accumulation

Darrell L. Rankins, Jr., Auburn Universtiy

The southern half of Alabama is experiencing severe drought conditions, which can lead to nitrate problems for beef cattle. Many producers begin to look for alternative sources of feed for the cow herd and one possibility that comes up is to turn the cows into the corn fields which have been deemed a loss from the standpoint of grain production. Nitrate levels in the corn plants should be considered before turning the cows in.

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New Economy Needs New Thinking

New Economy Needs New Thinking

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

Higher costs, volatile markets and global influences have become the new normal in today’s economy. To survive and thrive, beef producers will need to find ways to adapt. That’s the message Cattle-Fax economist Brett Stuart hopes producers consider as they plan their future in the industry.

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If you see something, say something

If you see something, say something

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine 

This week, Department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano unveiled new television ads for the public awareness campaign “If you see something, say something.” An article in the Homeland Security Newswire says it’s a new strategy to encourage the public to report suspicious activity or potential threats to national and even local security.

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Can Cattle Supplements Help Ranchers During Drought?

Can Cattle Supplements Help Ranchers During Drought?

Red Orbit

Even when ranchers have enough water for their cattle, their grass forage conditions are often so depleted in protein, minerals and vitamins that the herds are barely surviving. This has led many ranchers to sell off young cattle early, wean calves early, lose breeding stock, or choose expensive feed and freight measures that will hurt them in the short and long term.

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How to tell your children about meat

How to tell your children about meat

Laura Rizzardini


We eat chicken, fish, beef, turkey, lamb, and ham without much thought about their origins.  Their preparation and their brand are more important.  Roasted, baked, or fried?  Breaded, ground, or sliced?  Hormel, Oscar Meyer, Perdue, or Kraft?

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Why is George Soros Selling His Gold and Buying Farmland?

Why is George Soros Selling His Gold and Buying Farmland?

George Maniere


Here’s a great trivia question for you.

What asset has appreciated more than any asset since the year 2000?

Answer: Farmland. 1,200%

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