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Seminal vesiculitis: cause, treatment, prognosis

Seminal vesiculitis: cause, treatment, prognosis

Bill Beal

Angus Journal

Seminal vesiculitis is an infection of a bull’s reproductive tract that can reduce semen quality and impair fertility. Young bulls fed high-concentrate rations are more susceptible to seminal vesiculitis, but treatment with antibiotics may result in a cure that allows infected bulls to pass a breeding soundness exam and be used successfully for breeding.

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Extreme weather can lead to extreme health problems

Extreme weather can lead to extreme health problems

The Cattle Business Weekly

Severe drought in the southern U.S., coupled with extreme wet conditions in the upper Midwest, is creating situations in which  veterinarians and livestock owners may see health problems not normally found in the state

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Cow-Calf Management Considerations During the Drought

Cow-Calf Management Considerations During the Drought

Darrell Rankins, Jr.

In many parts of Alabama, pasture conditions have reached the point of zero forage availability and several producers have exhausted their hay supply. The following is a summary of some options that should be addressed for the cow herd.

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Ranchers Desperate to Find Hay

Ranchers Desperate to Find Hay

Beef Journal

Drought conditions in three states have left cattle producers scrambling to take care of their herds. The drought has left pastures dry, leading to insufficient grazing conditions.

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Cattlemen explore adding value to land, labor and livestock

Cattlemen explore adding value to land, labor and livestock


In today’s economy, it’s more important than ever for cattle producers to implement innovative practices that will return more profit on their calf crop.

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Beyond Hay and Cubes

Beyond Hay and Cubes

Sharla Ishmael

Angus Journal

Ahh, the miserable, muggy, interminable days of August in the South are taking their annual toll on us and our critters. While most of us won’t be able to escape the heat for some time, producers have good reasons to start visualizing the cooler months ahead.

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Livestock Producers Urge President Obama to Stop GIPSA Rule

Livestock Producers Urge President Obama to Stop GIPSA Rule

American Meat Institute

Mr. President, America needs jobs.  The GIPSA rule would kill them, stated the Iowa Cattlemens Association, National Cattlemens Beef Association and National Pork Producers Council in a full page advertisement appearing in the Dubuque Telegraph Herald.

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Texas ag losses at record $5.2 billion

Texas ag losses at record $5.2 billion

AG Professional

The blistering drought in Texas has caused an estimated $5.2 billion in crop and livestock losses this agricultural season, a record figure that could still rise, state officials said Wednesday.

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Producers may need to allow pastures time to recover

Producers may need to allow pastures time to recover

The Gilmer Mirror

Though many warm-season grass pastures are dormant this time of year, the extended drought has reduced normal forage production somewhere near 70 percent of the usual seasonal total.

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No bull There’s a lot of science in cattle growing

No bull There’s a lot of science in cattle growing                         

Julia M. Dendinger


Most people when presented with a fine steak or even a greasy hamburger understand where that beef came from.

 But what they might not understand is the years of selective breeding and study that went into producing that beef. They probably don’t know about the well-thought-out pairing of bulls with cow herds to produce high quality, efficient beef cattle.

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