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Hundreds in Line to Collect From Eastern Livestock

Hundreds in Line to Collect From Eastern Livestock

Katie Micik


The trustee overseeing Eastern Livestock Company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy told cattlemen at NCBA’s summer conference that he thinks creditors will recover 20 to 30 cents on the dollar.

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Cattlemen on Animal Disease Traceability Rule

Cattlemen on Animal Disease Traceability Rule

Beef Journal

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Chief Veterinarian Elizabeth Parker issued the following statement regarding the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s (APHIS) proposed animal disease traceability (ADT) rule, which appeared in the Federal Register Aug. 11, 2011.

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USDA Announces Directive to Improve Humane Handling Enforcement

USDA Announces Directive to Improve Humane Handling Enforcement

Imperial Valley News  

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) today issued a directive with new instructions to its inspectors that will better ensure the humane treatment and slaughter of livestock presented for processing at FSIS-inspected facilities.

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Training the next generation of young livestock exhibitors

Training the next generation of young livestock exhibitors

Robert Burns

AgriLife Today

For about the cost of a couple of afternoon movie tickets and concession snacks, parents can give their child a two-day learning experience they’ll benefit from for the rest of their lives, according to a Texas AgriLife Extension Service agent.

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Cattle tags meet modern challenges

Cattle tags meet modern challenges


The iconic image of a cattle brand is as old as the American frontier.

In a time when it wasn’t practical to have fences across the miles of open range west of the Mississippi, brands applied to the hide of cattle provided proof of ownership and helped the owner track them from birth to market. Iconic brands came to be associated with the ranches that used them, incorporating bars and sideways letters (making them "lazy," in branding terms) to distinguish themselves.

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Maximize profits at calf marketing time

Maximize profits at calf marketing time

Dave Barz, DVM

Fall is rapidly approaching. That means it will soon be time to wean calves. Although it has been hot this summer, we have at least had enough rain to provide adequate grass. This in turn provides ample feed to precondition calves, adding value before marketing.

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AgriLife Research hires new cattle scientist

AgriLife Research hires new cattle scientist

Kay Ledbetter

Dr. Pablo Pinedo, D.V.M., has accepted the position of assistant professor in ruminant animal health with Texas AgriLife Research in Amarillo. He began Aug. 1 in his new position.

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Drought forces tough choices: Cattlemen feeling the heat as drought expands

Drought forces tough choices: Cattlemen feeling the heat as drought expands

Candace Krebs

Bent County Democrat

A sale barn made an appropriate backdrop for a drought management meeting presented recently by Oklahoma State University extension professionals, as hot, dry conditions persist across the Southern Plains and the cost to keep a cow climbs to historic levels.

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Warm-Season Annual Forage Crops

Warm-Season Annual Forage Crops

Robert Kallenbach, Craig Roberts, and Greg Bishop-Hurley, University of Missouri

Annual warm-season grasses can be used as part of a year-round grazing system throughout Missouri. With adequate moisture and fertility, they rapidly produce high-quality forage during late spring and summer when cool-season forages are dormant. In addition, warm-season annual grasses work well in rotation with row crops or as emergency pastures.

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Newer Vaccines Questioned

Newer Vaccines Questioned

Dr. Ken McMillan

Progressive Farmer

Is it really necessary to go beyond the blackleg vaccine?

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