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Temple Grandin is not an animal rights activist

Temple Grandin is not an animal rights activist

Corey Wrenn


Editor’s note: Stories of this ilk are included in the blog to inform those in our industry how agriculture is being presented to and perceived by the public.

One of the most shocking trends in the non-human animal rights movement is the overall support, even praise, given to slaughterhouse designer Temple Grandin.  This attitude reflects the overwhelming prevalence of welfarist ideology which focuses our attention on reformed use rather than on ending use entirely.

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Cattle Rancher Industry On Decline

Cattle Rancher Industry On Decline


Hundreds of cattle ranchers came together for the 53rd-annual Cattlemen’s Convention to discuss the issues threatening their industry.

The number of cattle ranchers in the U.S. declines on a yearly basis. With Mother Nature working against them, cattle ranchers are struggling with their production.

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Test, indicators help judge quality of hay

Test, indicators help judge quality of hay

Eddie Baggs

Denton Record-Chronicle

Denton County is home to more than 26,000 horses and 60,000 cattle that consume approximately 130,000 tons of baled forage annually.

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Japanese cattle breed finds a home in Kentucky

Japanese cattle breed finds a home in Kentucky

Tim Thornberry

Southsider Magazine

While Kentucky may be the largest beef-producing state east of the Mississippi, it may be a fair assessment to say that most folks have never heard of Wagyu cattle.

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Your National Beef Checkoff Program: 25 Years and Counting

Your National Beef Checkoff Program: 25 Years and Counting


You might remember seeing the television commercials with actor James Garner touting beef as “Real Food for Real People” back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, or Robert Mitchum kicking off the "Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner" campaign in May of 1992.

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Certified Organic? Sure! I think?

Certified Organic? Sure! I think?

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

Does anyone raise truly Organic Livestock?  Are you sure?  How do you know?  Are you certified through an Organic organization or the always trustworthy Government? 

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Herd Liquidation

Herd Liquidation

Dr. Ken McMillan

Progressive Farmer

One producer wonders if it’s time to sell out, or go the other direction and hold onto replacement heifers.

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For Frankfort clan, showing cattle is about fun, tradition and business

For Frankfort clan, showing cattle is about fun, tradition and business

Alyssa Kara

Indianapolis Star
The dirt ring in Pepsi Coliseum is a loosely organized mess of kids and cows.

Over here a small boy tugs an ornery cow toward the competition circle. Over there a cow breaks loose, spins around and bumps other animals in line.

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KLA, K-State to host ranch management field day

KLA, K-State to host ranch management field day

High Plains Journal

Improving cow-calf production efficiencies will highlight the topics to be addressed Aug. 23 during a field day at Pannbacker Farm, Inc., near Washington

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SDSU to relocate Cow/Calf Unit

SDSU to relocate Cow/Calf Unit

The Brrokings Register

South Dakota State University’s Cow/Calf Unit located adjacent to campus has long been an important component of the school’s animal science teaching and research curricula.

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