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Baxter Black, DVM: BIOMASS

Baxter Black, DVM:  BIOMASS

At a time when self-righteous environmental groups are trying to block solar power, and self-described green politicians are preventing “Not in my Backyard” wind power, our much maligned real power utilities continue to search for greener fuel options.

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Make calf marketing plans now

Make calf marketing plans now

Greg Lardy

Tri State Livestock News

August is upon us! It doesn’t seem like its possible for it to be here this soon but the summer has gone by rapidly. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to enjoy some summer activities with friends and family. This year has certainly had a variety of challenges to deal with, but hopefully you have come through those with flying colors!

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Steve Cornett:   Better Markets Mean More Risk

Steve Cornett:   Better Markets Mean More Risk

Beef Today

It sounds like The U.S. Senate might finally move forward with the Korean Free Trade Agreement when they return to work next month. That should give beef exports a boost, and another boost will be more of a good thing.

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Orr Beef Center targets boosting production efficiency

Orr Beef Center targets boosting production efficiency

Quincy Herald-Whig

Travis Meteer provided a welcome extra pair of hands for pregnancy testing cows at the University of Illinois Orr Beef Center near Perry.

Even more welcome will be his work as a new link between University of Illinois research and the state’s beef producers.

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Cattle Care: Low-stress handling ideal

Cattle Care: Low-stress handling ideal


Country World

As summer temperatures soar, reducing livestock stress is of the upmost importance.

"Anytime we put any kind of stress on an animal, whether it be physical stress, nutritional stress or a psychological stress, any time we stress those animals we begin to open the door where they could potential stress the system and they could be overcome by some sort of infection or something," said Jason Cleere Texas AgriLife Extension Service beef cattle specialist.

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Teaching cattle to cooperate as important as grooming

Teaching cattle to cooperate as important as grooming


Fort Morgan Times

Raising market beef steers and heifers for the Morgan County Fair is a high stakes proposition.

While 4-H kids who raise them can hope to make the livestock sale where they might sell their animals for a couple of thousand dollars each, they need that to recoup the investment they made over the past nine months as the animals grew.

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Beef Sales From Facebook Connections

Beef Sales From Facebook Connections

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Some of the nation’s largest businesses spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out the best way to reach today’s computer-savvy consumers through social media sites. But one family ranch in Mountain Grove, Mo., is beating the big boys at this social networking game.

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Beef Board appoints new officers

Beef Board appoints new officers

The National Provisioner

The Cattlemen’s Beef Board voted unanimously to elect Wesley Grau of New Mexico to finish out the year as chairman of the national board. Formerly vice chairman of the Board, Grau had been serving as acting chairman since the resignation of former chairman Tom Jones about a month ago.

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Climate Change and Food Production: A Misunderstood Connection

Climate Change and Food Production: A Misunderstood Connection

Jay Lehr

The Heartland Institute

The world’s food producers are frequently blamed for being responsible for some part of the “greenhouse gas” emissions thought to contribute to global warming, and consequently are targeted for regulations or carbon taxes.

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Understanding confusion?

Understanding confusion?

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

  You would think that when you hear of Cattle that are "Grass-fed" that would pretty much define what they are, based off of what they eat right?  Well….Not exactly.  Believe it or not the Government (being the USDA), has at "least" 3 definitions for the term "GRASS-FED"!  Wouldn’t it be nice if they would stop confusing consumers and stop making our lives as producers more difficult?

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