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Generating support for research

Generating support for research

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

Summer is passing by rapidly. What a year of extremes – cold and rain, then hot and dry. The small grain harvest is complete and now we must to prepare for fall.

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BeefTalk: Gross Margins Are Not Price Per Calf

BeefTalk: Gross Margins Are Not Price Per Calf

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

A point of clarification is in order. Assessing income in a cow-calf enterprise is more than just the price received for the calves. The impact of making change also needs to be measured. If the impact of the change is measured only in calf value or dollars received per pound of calf sold, the measured impact is not the most accurate.

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Farmers discuss benefits of teff at annual field day

Farmers discuss benefits of teff at annual field day

Staunton News Leader

The name means "lost," but some Virginia farmers are finding teff, an Ethiopian grain, is an intriguing possible answer for a long-standing challenge.

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Beef Board appoints new officers

Beef Board appoints new officers


The Cattlemen’s Beef Board voted unanimously to elect Wesley Grau of New Mexico to finish out the year as chairman of the national board.

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Talk to your veterinarian, test your herd

Talk to your veterinarian, test your herd


Here is the latest bovine trichomoniasis update.

“Testing and monitoring herds for trichomoniasis is the best method of controlling this infection,” said State Veterinarian Dr. Keith Roehr.

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What Does Size Have To Do With It?

What Does Size Have To Do With It?

Troy Marshall,


It benefits everyone if the industry is growing, if demand increases, if per-capita consumption grows, if we address the issues regarding food safety, animal welfare, etc.

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Six U.S. Cattle Operations Finalists for National Environmental Stewardship Award

Six U.S. Cattle Operations Finalists for National Environmental Stewardship Award


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has been recognizing U.S. cattle producers for outstanding stewardship and conservation practices through their Environmental Stewardship Award Program for 21 years.

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Focus on stress-free handling

Focus on stress-free handling

Louise Liebenberg

Peace Country Sun

The first question that Dylan Biggs asked our group was, "Who is the one that yells and who is the one getting yelled at when working cattle?"

This was our introduction to a two-day, stress-free cattle handling clinic.

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Reaction to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Proposals

Reaction to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Proposals

Hoosier AG Today

  Twenty-two Senators have signed a letter voicing concerns with proposed regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The letter rebuts several of the assumptions made in the proposed regulations.

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Drought 2011: The ripple effect

Drought 2011: The ripple effect

Janet Gregg

Jacksonville Daily Progress

The impact of the current drought on the state’s agriculture industry has been devastating already and is likely to worsen if the drought continues through next year as some experts predict.

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