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Feeding Quality Forum slated for Later this month

Feeding Quality Forum slated for Later this month

This year’s Feeding Quality Forum is slated for Aug. 23 and Aug. 25 in Omaha and Garden City. This video news is provided by Certified Angus Beef and the American Angus Association. Visit ww.CABpartners.com or http://www.angus.org for more information.



Our regular goin’-to-the-pasture rig, a one-ton 4-wheel drive ’97 GMC diesel with 256,439 miles, was in the shop. 

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Creep-feeding beef calves

Creep-feeding beef calves

Rick Rasby

Abgus Journal

There are three possible strategies that can be used to increase calf weaning weight if weaning date is not changed: increase milk production of the dam, increase forage consumption of the calf, or provide supplemental feed to the calf.

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Dried distillers grains and feedlot cattle diets

Dried distillers grains and feedlot cattle diets

David L. Morris, DVM, Ph.D.

The Fence Post

Increasing the amount of dried distillers grains in the diet of feedlot cattle results in an increased concentration of sulfur and as a result, an increased risk for polioencephalomalacia, more commonly known as polio.

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Cattle industry conference this week

Cattle industry conference this week


Presidential candidate Herman Cain will keynote this week’s 2011 Cattle Industry Summer Conference in Kissimmee, Florida. Cain has significant experience in the food industry – having served in leadership positions with Burger King, Godfather’s Pizza and the National Restaurant Association.

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Pathogen Surveillance In Cattle Is Profitable

Pathogen Surveillance In Cattle Is Profitable

Wes Ishmael


Imagine less than 1% mortality and about 10% morbidity for loads of put-together lightweight calves (325 lbs.) from the Southeast freighted to starter yards in Kansas.

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Beef Cattle Short Course focuses on drought, future challenges for industry

Beef Cattle Short Course focuses on drought, future challenges for industry

Blair Fannin

Southwest Farm Press

Even if rebuilding of the nation’s cattle herds were to begin today, it would be several years before inventory would reach a significant number, according to an industry economist.

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Calving Paralysis

Calving Paralysis

Dr. Ken McMillan


After calving problems is it time to cull the cow?

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Designing Your Beef Herd’s Vaccination Program

Designing Your Beef Herd’s Vaccination Program

Sandy Stuttgen, DVM, Agriculture Educator,UW-Extension, Taylor County

When asked, “Why do you vaccinate?”many respond, “to keep my herd healthy.”  While partially true, vaccines are a poor substitute for proper nutrition and environment for keeping cattle healthy.  Vaccines are a tool that will never fix broken nutrition (unbalanced, poor quality) or a poor environment (wet bedding, mud, overcrowded, inadequate ventilation). 

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Ancient disease continues to plague livestock and wildlife

Ancient disease continues to plague livestock and wildlife

Heather Smith Thomas

Tri State Livestock News

Anthrax is caused by a gram-positive bacterium, Bacillus anthracis, similar to gram-positive clostridial bacteria that cause redwater, blackleg, malignant edema.

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