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CDL could be Required to drive Farm Equipment

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), part of the Department of Transportation (DOT), wants new standards that would require all farmers and everyone on the farm to obtain a CDL (Commercial Drivers License) in order to operate any farming equipment. The agency is going to accomplish this by reclassifying all farm vehicles and implements as Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs).

When Vaccines Fail

When Vaccines Fail

Travis Thayer, DVM, AgriLabs Technical Services

Beef Today

The reality is that while vaccines offer significant protection against disease, no vaccine can protect 100% of the animals 100% of the time. Here’s why.

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Debt deal leaves ag hanging

Debt deal leaves ag hanging



The debt ceiling deal hammered out over the weekend puts off making decisions on cuts to agricultural spending and tax credits for ethanol. But that’s not necessarily good news, say lobbyists who have taken a quick look at the bill, which is now posted online by the House Rules Committee.

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Beef up pregnant heifers

Beef up pregnant heifers

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine 

Good nutrition for pregnant beef heifers is paramount to good fetal growth and further heifer development as she becomes a member of the cow herd.

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UNL Conducts Rural Poll on Animal Welfare

UNL Conducts Rural Poll on Animal Welfare


Nearly 70 percent of rural Nebraskans define animal welfare in terms similar to those promoted by advocacy groups, but most don’t think increased regulation of the state’s livestock practices is necessary to ensure proper care of animals in the state, according to the Nebraska Rural Poll.

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Planning to cope

Planning to cope

Steve Suther

The Fence Post

As if the job of beef producer isn’t hard enough, this year Mother Nature seems to have dealt an extra dose of hardship to many locations on the map. If you’re not among them, count your blessings. If you are among them, count your blessing — there are still others who have it worse.

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CSU announces Agricultural Sciences department changes

CSU announces Agricultural Sciences department changes

Craig Beyrouty

The Greeley Tribune

Our Colorado agricultural industry generates an estimated $20 billion in economic activity each year. And thousands of Colorado State University graduates live and work in Weld County and other agricultural communities, helping to drive this robust and dependable part of our state economy.

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Blue-Green Algae Becomes Deadly as Temperatures Rise

Blue-Green Algae Becomes Deadly as Temperatures Rise

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

To safeguard cattle, or any other livestock, from the extreme danger posed by algal blooms this year, water them from well maintained, on-farm vessels.

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Ridley Block Operations Announces Voluntary Recall in Oklahoma and Texas

Ridley Block Operations Announces Voluntary Recall in Oklahoma and Texas


Ridley Block Operations, Inc. announced today due to a potential health risk, a voluntary recall of one lot of Purina-Lix 38 Hi-E and RangeLand® 38 Hi-E free-choice supplement tubs for beef cattle because of the potential for softened product to contain excessive levels of urea.

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Cattle Tested for Effects of Altitude on Heart

Cattle Tested for Effects of Altitude on Heart

Dan Frosh

New York Times

For tourists traveling into the mountains, altitude sickness can be an uncomfortable reality. The lightheadedness. The nausea. The vicious headaches.

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