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Have you tried blood pregnancy testing?

Have you tried blood pregnancy testing?

Cattle Management

We recently used the BioPRYN blood test method  to preg check the cows we AI bred earlier this year before turning them in with the bull. It could not have gone smoother for us, so I wanted to talk a little about our experience, and see what some of you had to say about it.

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Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

"Raising cattle naturally is a method that has attracted consumer demand," says Mr. Karl Hoppe, North Dakota State University Extension Service area livestock specialist at the Carrington Research Extension Center.

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Conference features latest research on toxic fescue management

Conference features latest research on toxic fescue management

University of Arkansas

Fescue is a livestock forage mainstay in Arkansas, Missouri and much of the southeastern U.S., but the endophyte fungus that lives inside most of that fescue causes millions of dollars of lost production in livestock.

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How Not To Have A Good Time at The State Fair

How Not To Have A Good Time at The State Fair

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

The Indiana State Fair will begin in just a few days. The Ohio State Fair is nearing its end, and the Illinois and Kentucky State Fairs are starting soon. No matter which fair you attend, you will likely have fun, learn things, and generally have a good time.

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Record farm losses possible as Texas dries up in drought

Record farm losses possible as Texas dries up in drought


Randy McGee spent $28,000 in one month pumping water onto about 500 acres in West Texas before he decided to give up irrigating 75 acres of corn and focus on other crops that stood a better chance in the drought.

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Beef Quality Assurance: How does your ranch stack up?

Beef Quality Assurance: How does your ranch stack up?

John Patterson

The Prairie Star

Cattlemen have long recognized the need to properly care for their livestock.

Sound animal husbandry practices – based on research and decades of practical experience – are known to impact the well-being of cattle, individual animal health and herd productivity. 

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The love of showing beef

The love of showing beef

Matthew McLaughlin

The Cumberland Sentinel

Aside from keeping a half ton animal under control, showing beef cattle may seem like a simple task, but, as those showing their animals at the Shippensburg Community Fair beef show can attest, it is far from simple.

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North Dakota Stockmen’s Foundation Scholarship

North Dakota Stockmen’s Foundation Scholarship

The Bismarck Tribune

The North Dakota Stockmen’s Foundation will offer an additional scholarship in 2012. The NDSF Board of Directors added a second NDSF Legacy Scholarship to its offering after receiving so many applications for the inaugural Legacy Scholarship this year.

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How Many Killer Bacteria Does it Take?

How Many Killer Bacteria Does it Take?

Dr. Richard Raymond

Food Safety News

The story was about E. coli O157:H7 being the only deadly strain of E. coli to be declared an adulterant and therefore illegal. It also raised the question of why other strains were OK, even if they could make you sick or even kill you, as we recently saw happen in Japan and Europe.

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Calf preconditioning: The best for both worlds

Calf preconditioning: The best for both worlds

Dr. Jon Seeger

Dr. Jon Seeger

Pfizer Animal Health

Nearly all cow/calf producers will say their goal is to sell calves for a premium on sale day. However, most buyers will say their objective is to buy healthy calves as economically as possible. While these may seem like competing interests, both buyers and sellers can get what they want with calf preconditioning programs.

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