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Learning from feedouts

Greg Highfill, livestock specialist with Oklahoma Extension, and Dale Moore, Cattleman’s Choice Feedyard, talk about the value of programs like the Oklahoma Steer Feedout. This video news is provided by Certified Angus Beef LLC and the American Angus Association. Visit or for more information.

Lilly may pursue some Pfizer vet products

Lilly may pursue some Pfizer vet products


Eli Lilly & Co., which houses Elanco Animal Health, has indicated that it may bid for some of the veterinary products of Pfizer Animal Health.

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Why is Early Castration of Bull Calves Important?

Why is Early Castration of Bull Calves Important?

Dr. Michelle Arnold

Feedlot Magazine

In the United States, more than 17 million bulls are castrated yearly that range in age from 1 day to 1 year old. It is well known that this procedure is painful and causes a period of slowed growth rate and poorer feed efficiency, especially if the procedure is delayed until the calves get older and heavier.

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Producers Must Understand Cattle’s Grazing Behavior

Producers Must Understand Cattle’s Grazing Behavior

Holly T. Boland

Cattle Today

In order to optimize livestock production in grazing conditions, the animals must be able to graze the pasture effectively and efficiently. Having a good basic understanding of cattle grazing behavior will help you to anticipate their impact on the pasture and ultimately help improve your grazing management skills.

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Drought created problems with toxic plants

Drought created problems with toxic plants


Land and Livestock Post

I’ve often told clients to watch for poison plant problems during droughts. When grass is scarce cattle will eat plants they normally would not eat. That sure is true, but since our spring rains were practically absent we haven’t had much toxic plant growth this year.

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Prolapse Problems

Prolapse Problems

Dr. Ken McMillan


The decision to cull cows that have experienced prolapse should be based in part on what kind of prolapse you’re dealing with.

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AMI to host animal care and handling conference in October

AMI to host animal care and handling conference in October

National Provisioner

The AMI Foundation (AMIF) Animal Care and Handling Conference for the Food Industry, the leading animal welfare education opportunity for meat companies, their customers and those involved in the production and management of livestock and meat products, will be held October 19-20, 2011, at the Westin Crown Center, Kansas City, Mo.

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Conference to explore Florida cattle production

Conference to explore Florida cattle production

Southwest Farm Press

“As a part of the post conference tour, conference participants will have the opportunity to visit Deseret Ranches in St. Cloud, Fla., as well as Kempfer Cattle Company in Deer Park, Fla.,” Donald said.

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We all understand the power of profit

We all understand the power of profit

Carl C. Stafford

Culpeper Star Exponent

Here in Virginia we know there are premiums to be had in the feeder cattle market place, discovered through the added value of health, source, sire and age verified marketing programs.

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EPDs help cattlemen make better genetic improvement decisions

EPDs help cattlemen make better genetic improvement decisions

AG Answers

A new Expected Progeny Difference from the American Angus Association and improvements in DNA technologies mean better data for beef producers – something an Ohio State University Extension beef specialist says can yield better decision-making in genetic selection.

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Steve Cornett:  Parched Pastures Force Good Cows to Market

Steve Cornett:  Parched Pastures Force Good Cows to Market

Beef Today

So the cattle inventory came out and showed that cow owners continue to liquidate despite record prices and you wonder why? Well, folks, times are  tough in Texas. And not just in Texas. Look at the drought monitor and consider just how large an area is not just dry but parched.

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Consider your weaning options

Consider your weaning options

Ivan Rush

Tri State Livestock News

Fortunately the Northern inter-mountain region has received excellent moisture this year so plenty of forage is available for most cow-calf pairs. The heat has certainly set in, so cool season growth grass has ceased.

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Cutting the Stress When the Heat is On

Cutting the Stress When the Heat is On

Linda H. Smith


If there is a drawback to fall calving, it is summer weaning. Calves are under enough stress as it is. Add summer heat and humidity, and you’ve got the potential for real trouble.

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Managing Heat Stress

Managing Heat Stress

Wes Ishmael


With the dog days of summer coming earlier and the added number of lighter-weight cattle moving for this time of year, managing heat stress becomes even more urgent.

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Michigan Livestock Expo Delivers on All Fronts

Michigan Livestock Expo Delivers on All Fronts

Dan Cash

The Michigan Livestock Expo promised to charm in its third annual year and the event delivered on all fronts, bringing in big bucks, big names and, most of all, a big turnout of youth exhibitors and livestock.

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Hay, grass shortage could be widespread

Hay, grass shortage could be widespread

Linda Breazeale

News 360

Mississippi could join Texas, Oklahoma and other Southeastern states in widespread shortages of hay and forages if dry conditions continue.

Rocky Lemus, forage and grazing systems specialist with Mississippi State University’s Extension Service, said Mississippi cattle producers are seeing about 50 percent losses of pasture and hay production.

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Beef shortage means hold onto cows

Beef shortage means hold onto cows

 Chris Hurt

Axcess News

The quantity of beef available to consumers in the U.S. has declined a startling amount in recent years and that trend is going to continue.  The declining supplies are related to continuing liquidation of the cow herd in the past few years due to high feed prices, a weak U.S. dollar that is spurring beef exports, and of course drought in the southwest and southeast.

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Spreadsheet Helps With Drought-Related Culling

Spreadsheet Helps With Drought-Related Culling

Hay & Forage Grower

The Texas AgriLife Extension Service and Oklahoma State University have developed a spreadsheet program to help cattle producers make culling decisions due to extreme drought.

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Drought Withers Smallest U.S. Hay Crop in a Century to Boost Cost of Beef

Drought Withers Smallest U.S. Hay Crop in a Century to Boost Cost of Beef

Whitney McFerron and Jeff Wilson

The smallest U.S. hay crop in more than a century is withering under a record Texas drought, boosting the cost of livestock feed for dairy farmers and beef producers from California to Maryland.

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The Theology and Market Implications of Drought

The Theology and Market Implications of Drought

John Harrington


According to the testimony of Noah and his weary crew of zoo-keeping sailors, the ability of the Lord God Almighty to make it rain when he’s in the mood is pretty much unquestionable.

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