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Reducing Heat Stress: Importance of Water

Reducing Heat Stress: Importance of Water

Heather Smith Thomas


During hot weather, water is important to minimize effects of heat stress. Cattle use body water evaporation for cooling–via sweating and respiration. Robert Collier of the University of Arizona says, "Cattle increase evaporative heat loss by increasing their respiration rate and exchange of air through respiratory passages, which increases evaporation in the air passages.

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Matt Deppe is new CEO for Iowa Cattlemen’s Association

Matt Deppe is new CEO for Iowa Cattlemen’s Association

The Cattle Business Weekly

Matt Deppe, who grew up on a diversified crop and livestock farm near La Motte, will join the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association on Aug. 1 as its new Chief Executive Officer.

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Conditions Right for Ergot Poisoning

Conditions Right for Ergot Poisoning

Beef Today

Weather conditions this spring and summer are proving to be just right for ergot poisoning that can affect cattle on pasture, says Russ Daly South Dakota State University Extension Veterinarian.

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Protect Cattle from Dangers Around the Farm

Protect Cattle from Dangers Around the Farm

Dr. Jane Parish

Catle Today

Most cattle operators work hard to care for their livestock. They provide cattle with proper nutrients, vaccinations, assistance at difficult calvings, and the list goes on and on.

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More Than 100,000 Brands

More Than 100,000 Brands

The Cattleman

Your brand is your proof of ownership and the best way to identify your livestock.

Every decade, near the end of August in the years ending in "1" (1991, 2001, 2011, 2021, etc.), Texas’ statewide brand re-registration process begins. Next month, Aug. 30, 2011, is the start of the next big brand re-registration.

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Vegan outrage

Vegan outrage

Dan Murphy


Fifteen million is a pretty big number.

That’s how many leaflets that the Vegan Outreach activist group claims to have put into the hands of college students and others in an effort to inspire those who might be currently following, oh, I don’t know—USDA’s Dietary Guidelines or a program recommended by a licensed nutritionist—and convince them that they should forego any of that nonsense for the “purity” of a diet (and lifestyle) that is totally divorced from any connection with animals.

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5 Tips to Reduce Heat Stress in Cattle

5 Tips to Reduce Heat Stress in Cattle

University of Wisconsin

This week has been brutal for many livestock producers in the Upper Midwest with the high heat index.  Several cattle deaths have been reported due to the heat stress.  Here are 5 simple tips to make sure your cattle stay comfortable.

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BeefTalk: Hot and Cold Leads to Checkmate

BeefTalk: Hot and Cold Leads to Checkmate

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Heat, humidity and windless days are bad news for cattle. Actually, high heat and humidity are not good for most living things. A new record was set in North Dakota for the low minimum daily temperature when the thermometer failed to fall below 70 degrees.

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Allflex USA Buys Destron Fearing Corp

Allflex USA Buys Destron Fearing Corp


Allflex USA, Inc. has increased its product portfolio in animal identification technology; with the newly acquired Destron Fearing Corporation (animal ID) subsidiary of Digital Angel Corp. Allflex USA has completed the acquisition for $25 million USD in cash.

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Helping livestock cope with heat at the fair

Helping livestock cope with heat at the fair

Jarod Wells


Livestock shows are a normal attraction at most fairs in the Tri-States.

So what makes this year’s livestock shows a little different?  Triple digit heat indices.

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