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Ticks make you nervous?

Ticks make you nervous?

Paul Schattenberg

Texas Agrilife

Early identification and accurate information are vital in effectively responding to human and animal interaction with ticks, said experts in the entomology department at Texas A&M University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in College Station.


Management of Early Weaned Calves

Management of Early Weaned Calves

Paul Q. Guyer, Beef Specialist, University of Nebraska

Early weaning of beef calves is a management practice that should be considered under situations such as fall calving, drylot cow-calf production and drought.


Production Efficiency Important to Purebred Breeders

Production Efficiency Important to Purebred Breeders

Cattle Today

Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS

Very few if any producers have not recognized that we are living and producing in unprecedented times. Costs of fuel, fertilizer and feed are at record levels.


Watch Cattle For Heat-Stress Symptoms

Watch Cattle For Heat-Stress Symptoms

Hay & Forage Grower

Cattle should be closely monitored for signs of heat stress during this week’s hot, humid weather, says Ben Holland, South Dakota State University Extension beef feedlot specialist.


Livestock producers are culling into the ‘hearts of herds’

Livestock producers are culling into the ‘hearts of herds’

Robert Burns

North Texas E-News

Faced with lack of grazing, dwindling hay supplies and shrinking surface water sources, livestock producers continue to cull deeper into herds, according to Texas AgriLife Extension Service reports.


How Ultrasound Helps Packers Put the Product on the Plate

How Ultrasound Helps Packers Put the Product on the Plate

Carcass 101

Everyone all along the beef production line – from seedstock producer to those who put the meat on the plate – will tell you their ultimate goal is pleasing the consumer. But what does that really mean?


Monitoring livestock during hot weather

Monitoring livestock during hot weather

Dave Russell

Brownfield Network

John Grimes, Extension beef coordinator at Ohio State University says with the heat index hovering around 100 degrees plus this week comes the need to pay particular attention to livestock’s increased water consumption.


Figuring the Pounds

Figuring the Pounds

Dr. Ken McMillan


How many steaks can you get off of that steer?


Colorado State University Names New Leader for Department of Animal Sciences

Colorado State University Names New Leader for Department of Animal Sciences

Kevin R. Pond, an expert in beef-cattle nutrition and 15-year chair of the Department of Animal and Food Sciences at Texas Tech University, will join Colorado State University Aug. 15 as new head of the Department of Animal Sciences.


Survey Reveals Increase in Iowa Cattle Hoop Barns

Survey Reveals Increase in Iowa Cattle Hoop Barns

Iowa State University

A recent survey shows that hoop barns for beef cattle production are becoming more common in Iowa, offering benefits for the environment. The survey was conducted by Mark Honeyman, interim director of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture and professor in Iowa State University’s Department of Animal Science, and Jay Harmon, professor in ISU’s Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering.