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Forward contracting feeder cattle

Forward contracting feeder cattle

Dillon Feuz

Tri State Livestock News

This time of year I usually get a few phone calls from producers asking if I think it is a good time to forward contract their calves or yearlings.


Producer Cycles

Producer Cycles

Susan Allen

Beef Producer

I’m Susan Allen reporting from Cashmere Washington for Open Range. By now most of you  have heard that the US cattle herd is shrinking and also that beef prices are forecasted  to go higher. While much of this  movement in the cattle  industry is cyclic I’ll be back after the break with why some industry experts believe other components might be at play.


Pfizer Animal Health Announces Residue Free Guarantee

Pfizer Animal Health Announces Residue Free Guarantee


Producers and veterinarians seeking help in avoiding meat and milk drug residues have a solution in the new Residue Free Guarantee* backing five leading anti-infective brands from Pfizer Animal Health.


Everybody’s A Food Safety Expert — To A Point?

Everybody’s A Food Safety Expert — To A Point?

Chris Raines, Pennsylvania State University

Everybody has their food safety opinions, myself included

Whether one is professionally representing some agricultural industry segment or one’s farming or ranching operation, it seems that nowadays everybody is a food safety expert.


Miss America Advocates For Agriculture

Miss America Advocates For Agriculture

Southern Livestock Standard

Miss America 2011 Teresa Scanlan continues her role in advocating for agriculture. The Gering native has returned home to Nebraska this weekend for Oregon Trail Days. In a press conference Friday, Scanlan told reporters she will continue to create awareness of the importance of agriculture.


CBB Chairman Says Program is Broken in Resignation Letter

CBB Chairman Says Program is Broken in Resignation Letter

Jerry Hagstrom


The U.S. Cattlemen’s Association and the National Farmers Union are calling for federal intervention in the management of the beef checkoff following the resignationsof Cattlemen’s Beef Board chairman Tom Jones andCEO Tom Ramey.


Drought Creating Surplus Of Cattle At Auction, Beef Prices May Jump

Drought Creating Surplus Of Cattle At Auction, Beef Prices May Jump

Melissa Newton


With the hot weather and lack of rain, nearly the entire state remains in a serious or severe drought. Currently, 246 of Texas’s 254 counties are under a burn ban.

That is creating a surplus in the number of cattle heading to auction, as livestock owners can’t afford to feed them and are looking to sell.


Dealing with lameness issues

Dealing with lameness issues

Dave Barz, DVM

Tri State Livestock News

I hate to say it, but my lawn is brown and dry and I could use some rain. There is flooding in some areas; others have received a summer’s worth of rain in one night; but I’m starting to dry out. The heat and humidity make outside work stressful, but the pastures and crops still look pretty good.


Plan now for the 2011 Virginia Beef Cattlemen’s Field Day

Plan now for the 2011 Virginia Beef Cattlemen’s Field Day

Virginia Angus Association

The Virginia Angus Associations and Virginia Cattlemen’s Association have teamed up for the third year in a row to sponsor the 2011 Virginia Beef Cattlemen’s Field Day.

            The field day begins at 10:30 a.m., Saturday, Aug. 13, 2011, at Bonny View Farm and CSF Cattle Co., in Raphine, Va.


Artificial Insemination Has Rich History

Artificial Insemination Has Rich History

J.T. Smith

Beef Producer

Artificial insemination always has been aimed at speeding up the rate of genetic improvement. AI may be more effective today than ever – even though it goes back many years.