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Information drives beef improvement

Duane Jenkins of Little Robe Angus Ranch near Higgins, Texas, shares his perspective on changes in the cattle information available over the decades. This video news is provided by Certified Angus Beef and the American Angus Association. Visit http://www.CABpartners.com or http://www.angus.org for more information.

Brisket disease cropping up in Nebraska feedlot cattle

Brisket disease cropping up in Nebraska feedlot cattle

Gayle Smith

Tri State Livestock News

During a year-end meeting of the Integrated Resource Management (IRM) group in Scottsbluff, NE, cattle producers discussed how their pens of five cattle had performed in a feedlot test at Darnall Feedlot in Harrisburg, NE.

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Forages Become Deadly in Drought Conditions

Forages Become Deadly in Drought Conditions

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Feeding corn stalks, corn hay or corn silage to the herd this year could be akin to poisoning your cows. Given extreme drought conditions across much of cattle country, dryland corn crops are more likely to have high levels of nitrates this year. And the first sign of nitrate poisoning is usually dead cattle.

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25 feeder calf mistakes

25 feeder calf mistakes

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine

This fall when calves will be entering the feedlot, the feedlot team including the veterinarian, nutritionist, manager, pen riders and feeders will have the opportunity to all work together to get these calves off to a good start.

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Flood A Precursor To Anthrax

Flood A Precursor To Anthrax

Dr. Ron Clarke

AG Canada

By any measure, the 2011 snow pack makes flooding in many areas on the Prairies almost a certainty. Any flooded land in anthrax endemic areas should be considered high risk and cattle grazing low, wet, or previously flooded land should definitely be vaccinated.

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HSUS Egg Agreement, Real Progress or Dangerous Precedent

HSUS Egg Agreement, Real Progress or Dangerous Precedent

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

Unprecedented does not do the situation justice. Standing at the podium was Wayne Pacelle of the Humane Society of the United States and Bob Krouse, chairman of United Egg Producers and an Indiana egg farmer, both smiling and shaking hands.

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Feeding feeder calves for health

Feeding feeder calves for health

David L. Morris, DVM, Ph.D.

The Fence Post

When calves arrive at the feedlot, the importance of getting those calves off to a good start cannot be overemphasized. The feedlot team, consisting of the veterinarian, nutritionist, manager, pen riders and feeders, must all work together to optimize this phase of production.

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Butler battling giants of meat packing industry

Butler battling giants of meat packing industry

John Howell

The Panolian

During the two years that Batesville native Dudley Butler has served as administrator of the Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyard Administration (GIPSA), he has managed to raise the ire of meat slaughterhouse and packing industry giants like Tyson Foods, JBS. Carlin and National Beef. Among others.

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Oklahoma Ranchers Take Big Hit As Drought Continues

Oklahoma Ranchers Take Big Hit As Drought Continues

Craig Day

News On 6

Our drought conditions are hitting Oklahoma’s agriculture industry hard. A poor wheat crop and dried out ponds are forcing ranchers to sell off some of their cattle.

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Meat labels: A lot of fine print to read

Meat labels: A lot of fine print to read

Steve Cavendish

Tribune Digital

Dan Buskirk knows the path meat takes to arrive on your table. And the Michigan State University animal science professor knows that consumers increasingly want to be informed of that route as well.

"People want to know where their meat comes from," Buskirk says.

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