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Steve Cornett:  Cattle Feeders and Packers as Bogeymen

Steve Cornett:  Cattle Feeders and Packers as Bogeymen

Beef Today

The last effort from these quarters generated a couple of well-deserved reprimands.  I couldn’t agree more about the price of land being inflated by non-cow demand. Land, especially land in pretty places, has never been priced by production value alone. It’s always overpriced.

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 “Young Guns” Prepare to Share Innovative Practices

 “Young Guns” Prepare to Share Innovative Practices

Cattle Toady

The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) and the American Simmental Association (ASA) are again teaming up to gather forward-thinking producers at the annual Young Guns Conference, July 24 – 26, in Nashville, Tenn.

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Rebuilding the cow herd requires a cycle of producers, as well as cows

Rebuilding the cow herd requires a cycle of producers, as well as cows

Derrell S. Peel


Much has been written in recent months about the need to rebuild the beef cow herd and why it taking so long to jumpstart herd expansion this time. While the general economic signals for expansion seem to be in place, there are a variety of structural factors at work as well.

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Pfizer Animal Health biz to be sold?

Pfizer Animal Health biz to be sold?

Bovine Veterinarian

On July 7th, Pfizer Inc. announced that it is exploring strategic alternatives for its Animal Health and Nutrition businesses based on its recent business portfolio review to determine the optimal mix of businesses for maximizing shareholder value.

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Accelerated Genetics Announce Photo Contest

Accelerated Genetics Announce Photo Contest

Are you ready to get started on the 2011 Photo Contest? Accelerated Genetics has two new themes for you to try your photography skills on. ‘Calves’ and ‘In Their Environment’.

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John L. ‘Lloyd’ Ebersole, Lead Sire Power, Passes

John L. ‘Lloyd’ Ebersole, Lead Sire Power, Passes

Lewistown Sentinel

Lloyd was an accomplished livestock and dairy judge at many shows throughout Pennsylvania.

He was a retired assistant manager and director of Sire development at Select Sire Power; in addition, he managed Sire Power’s beef and dairy sire programs for many years.

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The Story Of Texas Longhorns, As Told By Their DNA

The Story Of Texas Longhorns, As Told By Their DNA


After arriving on Spanish ships, North America’s first cattle were left to roam the unfenced lands of Texas and Mexico, subject to hundreds of years of natural selection. Emily Jane McTavish, of the University of Texas at Austin, talks about reconstructing the history of longhorns through their DNA.

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Cattle branding retains value in era of mad cow

Cattle branding retains value in era of mad cow

Tri City Herald

Cattle brands have been a Western tradition for generations of ranchers.

A brand is a source of pride, a mark of ownership and a historical artifact all in one. Brands and branding irons have been passed down through generations, and ranches are frequently identified by larger versions of their brands on the sides of barns or at entrance gates.

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Stockpiling Plus Winter Annuals Cuts Feed Costs

Stockpiling Plus Winter Annuals Cuts Feed Costs

Hay & Forage Grower

Mid-July is the time to begin managing forages to reduce winter hay needs, says David Fernandez, Extension livestock specialist at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.

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Cattlemen’s Beef Board Chairman Resigns

Cattlemen’s Beef Board Chairman Resigns

Beef Today

Tom Jones gave his resignation today, because of personal reasons according to a statement release by the board earlier today.

Tom Jones, Pottsville, Ark., tendered his resignation as chairman of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board today. He also notified the Secretary of Agriculture of his resignation as a member of the Beef Board.

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