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Three questions key to determining potential value of hay

Three questions key to determining potential value of hay

Oklahoma State University

Pasture conditions continue to decline in the drought-stricken southern Great Plains states, making it increasingly likely that much of the hay required for winter feeding of livestock will be imported from outside sources.

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Think of Grazing As a Tool

Think of Grazing As a Tool

Walt Davis

Beef Producer

Grazing managers spend a lot of time discussing the benefits of planned grazing to animal performance, soil health and forage production but we do not pay enough attention to using grazing as a "tool."

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BeefTalk: Knowing When to Turn in the Reserve Bull is Critical

BeefTalk: Knowing When to Turn in the Reserve Bull is Critical

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Now is the time to check the bulls. Are the bulls actually working or are they quietly passing the day lying in the shade? It’s not easy to keep up with bull breeding activity, but a keen eye by a producer can detect the difference between inactive and active bulls.

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Pregnancy Checking — Is it worth it?

Pregnancy Checking — Is it worth it?

John B. Hall, Ph.D., Extension Animal Scientist, Beef, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech

Pregnancy detection is a technology that is vastly under utilized in the beef industry. In Virginia, I have found through various surveys and visiting with producers and veterinarians that only 20 – 40 % of our producers pregnancy check their cows.

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Church investment includes massive ranch

Church investment includes massive ranch


It’s a bit unusual for a ranch manager to say he isn’t really in the beef business.

Rex Ranch in north-central Nebraska is a hard working operation with 16 ranch hands who manage 12,500 cows and 10,000 yearlings.

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Leading the industry in grass-fed Devon beef

Leading the industry in grass-fed Devon beef

Hilary Lewis

Culpeper Times

Biting into a juicy, tender steak or hamburger is one pleasure the health conscious consumer may be willing to pass up these days. Luckily, there are healthy alternatives to the feed lot super beef found at most grocery stores.

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UGA scientists tackle foodborne pathogens on beef

UGA scientists tackle foodborne pathogens on beef

Sharon Dowdy

University of Georgia scientists were awarded a five-year $4.9 million grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to study ways to kill foodborne pathogens on beef before it arrives on supermarket shelves and in restaurant kitchens.

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Ranchers Stampede to Auction Barns

Ranchers Stampede to Auction Barns

Fox 7 Austin TX

It’s a peak moment in time for cattle ranchers with high temperatures, high demand, and high prices. It’s a perfect storm that is causing an auction barn stampede.

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13-year-old raises rodeo bulls

13-year-old raises rodeo bulls

Dennis Sherer

Gadsen Times Daily

Some 13-year-old girls like wearing frilly dresses and have a cat or dog as a pet.

Cheyenne Martin, 13, prefers wearing jeans and western shirts, and keeps bulls as pets.

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Phosphorus Supplementation of Beef Cows

Phosphorus Supplementation of Beef Cows

Dr. Mark A. McCann, Extension Animal Scientist, VA Tech, mark.mccann@vt.edu

Phosphorus in Virginia continues to be an important topic among crop, poultry and livestock production systems. The draft TMDL proposal for the Chesapeake Bay provides aggressive reduction targets for nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment.

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