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Common language on fauna betrays an anthropocentric bias… “Words such as ‘pets’, ‘wildlife’, and ‘vermin’ are derogatory…” says the director of the Oxford Center for Animal Ethics.

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Early weaning beef calves sometimes makes cents

Early weaning beef calves sometimes makes cents

Rick Rasby

Angus Journal

In areas where forage quality is low and quantity is not adequate in late summer and early fall, early weaning could be a management practice, especially for young cows raising their first calf.

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Working Cattle in Summertime Heat

Working Cattle in Summertime Heat

Dr. Glenn Selk, Professor-Animal Reproduction Specialist, Animal Science – Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

Understanding and avoiding heat stress in cattle can be a valuable management tool for summertime. In the summertime, most cow calf operations will be working cattle on days when heat stress to cattle is possible.

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As summer heats up, so do water toxicity issues

As summer heats up, so do water toxicity issues


The 2011 Fourth of July Holiday brought warnings for humans about “Blue-green algae” in one of the large Oklahoma lakes used for recreation.  Blue-green algae has often been a concern to livestock producers in late summer in Oklahoma.  With the June heat wave that has caused water temperatures to warm sooner than usual, cattle producers need to now be aware of the potential problem.

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Assess and treat calf diarrhea

Assess and treat calf diarrhea

Geni Wren

Bovine Veterinarian Magazine 

The most accurate methods for assessment of dehydration in calves are eyeball recession into the orbit and skin tent duration in the neck region. Smith says to gently invert the lower eyelid and estimate the recession of the globe into the orbit.

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Redefining sustainability

Redefining sustainability

John Maday


Sustainability means different things to different people, but unfortunately in the case of livestock production, activists have convinced some consumers it means returning to an idealized version of your grandparents’ production systems.

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Drought and Parasites

Drought and Parasites

Dr. Ken McMillan


Drought conditions create stress, and leave cattle grazing closer to the ground, increasing exposure to larvae.

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Yak Ranchers Look For Niche Market

Yak Ranchers Look For Niche Market


Chadron Record

They’re not the usual ranch animals – those wooly, horned creatures along Highway 20 east of Chadron. Tim Hardy and Una Taylor’s domestic yak herd has attracted attention since the first animals arrived this spring.

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Animal welfare on the label?

Animal welfare on the label?

National Provisioner

In early May, I led a seminar on cattle welfare for the California beef and dairy industries. On the morning of the seminar, a faculty member from Fresno State University took me on a tour of a large dairy operation in California’s Central Valley.

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Grants stoke pasture management

Grants stoke pasture management

The Roanoke Times

Jane W. Graham

The money will promote enhanced pasture management and is expected to include 30 to 40 farmers who are involved in the intensive management of grazing livestock on farms in the 11 Southwest Virginia counties served by the council.

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